Around Town – April 18

Orchids to …

• Dr. Richard Newton for your kindness, from Joann and Patty.

• Ogilville Christian Church for the three amazing services during Easter week and to everyone involved in making them happen, from Joyce Davis.

• Parkside Baptist Church choir for the beautiful Easter Cantata.

• Mark and Tammy Hege for hosting another Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt for 67 family members and friends, from Elsie.

• Pam Newland for a wonderful Easter luncheon, from Tammy Foist.

• Jackie Ayers for bringing me white lily flowers and peach pop from Kentucky, from your future mother-in-law.

• Cummins for closing their plant on Good Friday so the employees could worship their Lord and Savior in their own way.

• Father Clem for his wonderful homily at Good Friday services at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church.

• Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. for closing school on Good Friday so the students and their families could worship the church of their choice.

• Lou at Bob Parker Insurance for your help in processing my claim, from a grateful client.

• Debby and Bill Malone for another great egg hunt and dinner, from the family.

• Nick Tuttle, local fireman at Station 1, for your assistance with my wheelchair Thursday afternoon at Kohl’s, from Mary G.

Onions to …

• the city of Columbus for demonstrating a lack of emotional intelligence by allowing construction to block all entrances to a church parking lot on Good Friday.

• people who applaud when the United States kills large numbers of people.

• those who support the president and his government-expense junkets every weekend to Florida.

• local officials who did not think through the unintended consequences of anonymously reporting hate crimes, which can lead to false, unverified and potentially reverse hate crimes.

• nurse practitioners who make it difficult on the patient who needs to see the doctor for his decision every once in a while.

• the motorcyclist who didn’t read the speed-limit sign of 35 mph on National Road.

• people who leave junked up trampolines in their yard year after year, creating eyesores for their neighbors.

• neighbors who have dead trees in their yards, creating safety hazards for others.

• the delivery person who is always 10 minutes late from the deadline to deliver every day.

• a food truck that does not have adequate parking for its customers.

• The Republic for publishing a letter to the editor that politicized Easter with health care.

• people who don’t like pie.

• the hotel owner who spends thousands of dollars while not giving the employees a raise.

• the people who spray-painting the orange paint on the stop signs, making it look trashy, when they could’ve spray-painted the street where it would’ve worn off.

• rude ministers.

• the parents who use the bike lane to push their children in strollers.

• disrespectful neighbors who burn yard refuse in their backyard against city ordinance.

• whomever painted the orange paint all over the street signs in northeast Columbus.

• the employees who work at the grocery store and park in the handicap parking spots when they are working all day long.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brandy Houser, from your family and Donna.

• Elisabeth Kane, with love from Mom and Dad.

• Jacob Andrew Villiger.

• Sharon K. Harker.

• Daniel Sanders.

• Abraxas Brantz.

• Rick Bush.

• Anita Essex Cherlin, from Democrat friends.

• Caden, Hunter and Hailey, from Grandma and Grandpa.

• Caden Greenlee, Hunter Lucas and Hailey Perkins, from John Perkins and the family.

• J.D. Muir, from Betty.

Happy Birthday to …

• Nancy Johnson.

Happy Anniversary to …

• David and Jennifer Wiwi, from friends at the Moravian Church.

ANOTHER beautiful morning