Around Town – April 21

Apr 21

Orchids to

• Mary and Kevin at The Lodge Restaurant at the Elks Club for the great food and good service on Wednesday for lunch, from The Northfield Condo group.

• Nick Hickman at Chevrolet of Columbus who is truly an example to be followed for his continued customer service, great attitude and professional demeanor, from Chris and Holly.

• Caitlin for finding the lost cellphone, determining the owner and placing it in my mail box.

• Tony of Jackson Tax Service for doing such a great job every year and getting our taxes done for us even though we turn them in late to him, from Larry and Kathy.

• the nice man at Rural King who helped me put some motor treatment in my gas tank.

• Bruce Neal for the ride back from the Moravian Church Cemetery.

• my daughter-in-law, Tracie, for my lovely Easter basket with many useful things in it, from Linda.

• Mayor Jim Lienhoop and the city council for taking the high road and overcoming unnecessary obstacles in working to secure a $17.5 million investment which will benefit Columbus for decades.

• the Recycling Center and kidscommons for an educational and fun field trip for the students at Sandy Hook Church preschool, from a grateful parent.

• the Columbus Fire Department for its quick response on Wednesday evening at Ninth and Short Wilson streets.

• Capt. Alan Sladek and Capt. Jodi Sladek of the Columbus Salvation Army for their kindness to a disabled person.

• the Thrive-Alliance nutrition center at the America and Roby Anderson Community Center and at the armory for delicious and nutritious lunches.

• Harry McCawley for an awesome column on Merrill and Norma Clouse.

Onions to

• the city leaders who think that everyone with an opinion of their bad spending is a supporter of the past administration.

• people who put signs in their yards with print too small to read.

• anyone buying into the snake oil that replacing stop signs with new and improved signs will get people to put their cellphones down.

• The Republic for portraying free-thinking, taxpaying, concerned citizens with questions as being in collusion and walking lock-step with the past administration.

• the person mowing the grass at Rocky Ford and Central on Wednesday for blowing grass into the street, causing traffic to head into the eastbound lane to miss it.

• the people who call in and complain about the toll roads because they don’t cost much and the money is used to maintain the road system.

• individuals who won’t return calls when they are contacted for yard work even though they need a job.

• anyone thinking the citizens were rude, disruptive and raised havoc during the city council meeting as none of that is visible on the online video of said meeting.

Happy Birthday to

• Paul Baultman, from Mary and Elsie.

• Kelli Ross.

• Jonathan Galdraith.

Happy Anniversary to

• Roy and Alice Pruitt, from Pastor Lewis Burton And The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Nathan and Sheila Downey, from Elsie.