Letter: State needs to fix gerrymandering

From: Jess Quigley


Huh? Beg your pardon. Am I missing something reading John Pickerill’s column? Indiana is assigned only 11 electoral (not electorial) votes: one for each senator, one for each of the nine representatives. This is as the federal government established.

The U.S. House of Representatives is limited to 435 representatives. Our state is only entitled to nine representatives to Washington.

But even if we could establish it the way suggested, equality by simply using population does not take into consideration ethnic, economic income, etc., and still meet population equality. Ergo, the 10-year redistricting.

This geographic readjustment becomes one of the major jobs of our Statehouse. Over the years, this process has become extremely politicized. It is called gerrymandering. That is a grotesque demon that is a sneaky subversion, distorting our beloved democracy. The year 2020 is coming fast, and Indiana being severely in need of gerrymandering correction, a committee has a plan ready and willing to present to the House for consideration. But not this session.Why? I suggest you ask Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus. Who knew legislation was so complicated?