Letter: Did we cause the drug epidemic?

From: Kenneth Landreth


It seems some of our children have found drugs and alcohol to find an answer for what they’re missing in their lives.

What are they missing? Could it be love at home, problems at school, problems with homework, not getting the help they ask for at home? Could it be they were not allowed to grow up as kids in their younger years, or could it be mom and dad wanted them to be something or someone they did not want to be, but were forced to be?

Maybe it’s because mom and dad had to work so hard to pay for that nice house and those nice two cars they drove or the clubs they spent time at.

The question is, did we let our children grow up, did we love them, did we spend time with them and help them solve their problems? And last, did we teach them discipline and respect?

Anyway, now that child has found help. They don’t have a thing to worry about — only how to get more money to buy what takes their worries away.

Finally! Did we cause this? Only you can answer that question.