Quick takes – April 22nd

Wear jeans, make statement

The 18th annual Denim Day will be recognized around the world, including Columbus, on Wednesday when businesses and individuals will wear jeans to show their support.

The name and event comes from an Italian Supreme Court case when a rape conviction was overturned because justices said the female victim was wearing tight jeans, and must have helped the suspect in removing them, implying consent. That’s faulty logic, which wearing of jeans symbolizes.

What makes sense is to wear jeans on Wednesday and take a stand against sexual violence.

Important resource

It is now easier for local people who have been targeted or taunted based on their ethnicity or race to report incidents of racial bias or hate-induced crimes – and to do so anonymously.

The Columbus Human Rights Commission made it easier to file such reports, at columbus.in.gov/human-rights/. Also, the online form is available in Spanish as well as English, with even more languages to come. That’s a positive step.

Helpful tool

Kudos to the Mill Race Marathon’s planners for deciding to offer to the public an interactive map on the marathon’s website, millracemarathon.com, to help runners, spectators and other residents better navigate the city on race day.

It’s simple. On the website just click on “Course Maps.”

The ability to access information about the marathon, half-marathon and 5K courses on multiple digital platforms (phones, tablets, computers) will be beneficial in many ways.

Spectators will be able to find prime spots to watch, and can more easily locate restrooms, medical tents or parking. People who want to know the best way to travel around the city and avoid closed roads also will benefit, as the map allows them to see road closed sections, and obtain additional details by clicking the icons.

The map also is a great way to make newcomers to the city, who have arrived for the race, to feel more welcome.