Court news – April 24

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Allied Collection Service vs. Waymon French, North Marr Road, $1,951.80; Dakota M. Gess, Nashville, $1,240.45; Tricia Gibson, Desoto Way, $1,314.69; Keith E. Gladish, Sunset Court, $2,594.17; Chey T. Gorsuch, Washington Street, $2,829.98; Beverly J. Graves, Osgood, $1,879.41; Dianna L. Gray, Timbercrest Drive, $2,053.63; Jon A. Greathouse, Hope, $2,530.98; Christina Grissom, Hartsville, $2,230.35; Hugh P. Hamill, Thornton Court, $2,748.93; Heather Hamilton, North Miami Ridge Road, $3,935.73; Jenny L. Hampton, Lucas Way, $4,691.35; Janeane L. Harden, Edinburgh, $1,566.83; Warren D. Hardin, East County Road 850S, $1,982.36; and Barry G. Harlow, Austin, $2,228.52.Hope Veterinary Clinic vs. Kathy Bula, Pennsylvania Street, $937.34; Alan and Debbie Kinsey, North County Road 250W, $468.91; Cory and Nicole Lawson, Karen Court, $887.87; Mike Pettengill, Trafalgar, $951.95; Ricky and Tiffany Rowland, Edinburgh, $2,054.03; and Brad and Lori Turnbow, River Road, $624.63.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Hargus Brewer, Joseph Cox Court, $1,030.84.

American Rental, Eastbrook Plaza, vs. Summer Wade, Hege Avenue, $1,500.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Ashley Lovelace, Cambridge Court, claim for damages and eviction; and Jasmyne Martin, Cambridge Court, complaint for damages and eviction.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Paul Gray, Erin Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Rodney and Stacey Ayers, Edinburgh, $2,880.72; Angela L. Brown, Seymour, $3,221.42; Carrie Collier, Seymour, $1,987.50; Ramona S. Cutter, Seymour, $1,445.44; Krista Dickinson, Martinsville, $4,678.57; Michael L. Dixon, Seymour, $1,936.10; Rachel A. Dorsett, Indianapolis, $2,054.77; and Sara Dougherty, Greensburg, $3,300.

Mark and Charlene Stevens, Franklin, vs. Steven Reed, Wrenwood Drive, $2,983 and eviction.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Leandra Epler, Nicholas Lane, $664.89 and eviction.

Equity Property Management vs. Gerald and Daphnie Taylor, North Country Brook Court, $1,137 and eviction; Braylynn Eads and Joshua and Jacob Ruble, Grand Avenue, $855.23 and eviction; Alyssa Williams and Jonathan Blair, Grand Avenue, $779.93 and eviction; and Kazuhito Mizuno, South Country Brook Court, $1,804.74 and eviction.

Receivables Management Partners, Greensburg, vs. Michaela R. Richards, Hartsvile, $3,963.53; Cindy J. Shuler Coy, North Marr Road, $3,413.15; Scott M. Riley, 31st Street, $2,247.17; Noah Philpot, Gilmore Street, $563.23; and Jan F. Joquin, Edinburgh, $1,446.57.

H Squared, Nineveh, vs. Stephen Wyatt, Lawton Avenue, $1,500 and eviction.

CAH Properties, Nineveh, vs. Shawne Dilley and Tabatha Heafner, Sycamore Street, $1,500.

Allied Collection Service vs. Brittany N. Brashears, Lucas Way, $5,718.37; Mark E. Frazee, Hartford Avenue, $2,726.66; Billie J. Ebenkamp, Cottage Avenue, $1,571.48; Bobby D. Eisenmenger, Central Avenue, $5,231.99; Candelee M. Elkins, Ruddick Avenue, $2,147.13; Bradley Evans, Crothersville, $2,172.69; John Fairbanks, Shoreline Drive, $5,857.21; Laura A. Fisher-Key, Thresher Drive, $1,536.65; and Daniel K. Fleetwood, Nashville, $1,411.95.

Darryl Stone, Washington Street, vs. Sarah Stover, Clifford, $2,205 and eviction.

Hayes & Hayes Attorneys, Washington Street, vs. Elizabeth D. Blair, California Street, $2,777.08; June Hanson, Elizabethtown, $469.74; Brent D. Ensminger, Shelbyville, $377.75.

Housing Partnerships Inc. vs. Curt and Amy Starr, Central Avenue, $1,039 and eviction.

Joli Rentals, East Base Road, vs. Shawn Brown, Chestnut Street, $2,085.29; and Chris and Darci Baker, Sycamore Street, $3,500 and eviction.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Jennifer and Matt Durbin, 28th Street, $1,389.99 and eviction.

Northern Star Real Estate, Edinburgh, vs. Amanda Cash and Stephen Tidwell, Franklin Street, $980 and eviction.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Jill Horne, Meridian Street, $588.50; Rawle Douglas, Denny Street, $569.22; Cyndee Meyer, Park Avenue, $777.88; Victor Perez, Candlelight Drive, $696.97; Paul Kalirai, Acorn Drive, $788.11; Brandon Perkins, McKinley Avenue, $760.30; and Victoria Larrison, also known as Vickie S. Moore, Hope, $861.27.

Debbie Weiler, Columbus, vs. Leland Merrick, Pearl Street, $600 and eviction.

B.P.O.E. No. 521, Ray Boll Boulevard, vs. Soups by Design LLC, Washington Street, $6,000.

New World Collections Inc. vs. Rodgina Wheeler, Daniel Drive East, $4,135.20.

Angela Shehan, Boon Drive, vs. Shaun Berger, West County Road 300S, $4,050.

Allied Collection Service vs. Kevin S. Duke, Nashville, $1,906.73; and Martin E. Duran, North Hughes Street, $2,537.70.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Jeffrey A. Barr, Taylorsville, vs. Tamara M. Barr, Williamsburg Court, married Feb. 5, 2016, separated Dec. 1, 2016.Aimee N. Johnson, Hope, vs. Matthew R. Johnson, Edinburgh, married July 24, 2010, separated Jan. 4, 2017, one child.

Steven A. Miller Jr., Nashville, vs. Denise A. Miller, East Thicket Court, married June 13, 1992, separated May 25, 2016,one minor child.

Jessica Wade, Edinburgh, vs. Justin Wade, South Brooks Street, married Feb. 27, 2015, separated March 16, 2017, four children.

Yuri Q. Motamedi, Bartholomew County, vs. Amanda L. Motamedi, Bartholomew County, married July 6, 2005, separated April 4, 2017, three children.

Kevin N. Moats, Bittersweet Boulevard, vs. Erin A. Moats, Ninth Street, married July 1, 2016, separated Feb. 1, 2017.

Amy Elizabeth Anderson, Hope, vs. Jayson Richard Anderson, North Glen, Colorado, married Jan. 25, 2008, separated June 1, 2015.

Brittany Russell, Bartholomew County, vs. Brian Russell, Bartholomew County, married June 18, 2013, separated March 26, 2017, one child.

Danielle Jean-Nicole Bello, Fall Valley Drive, vs. Zeferino Bello-Cruze, Werner Avenue, married Aug. 27, 2013, separated March 19, 2014, one child.

Jerry R. Denton, North Cherry Street, vs. Nancy L. Denton, Burlington, Kentucky, married March 16, 2013, no separation date.

Tabatha L. Morley, Cambridge Court, vs. Daniel E. Morley, Rosedale Drive, married June 25, 2005, separated March 13, 2017.