Around Town – May 12

Orchids to …

• Peyton and Wesley at Arby’s on State Road 46 for the awesome customer service.

• people who understand Lee Hamilton is a wise statesman whose words and advice should be carefully considered in these troubled times, regardless of his party affiliation.

• Columbus Area Visitors Center executive director Karen Niverson and director of sports tourism Eric Marvin for building and expanding on our community’s tradition of excellence in sports tourism, which brought a $16 million positive economic impact in 2016.

• Nurse TJ at Columbus Regional Hospital, who is a blessing to all of her patients, for the help and sense of humor this week, from Ken (Guff) and Ronaca.

• the wonderful people in the emergency room at the hospital for being so nice.

• the personnel of Columbus Regional Hospital ambulance service, ER staff, Tower 2 staff, Dr. Conger and Dr. Lucas for their professional and compassionate care, from J. G.

• Sam, Michael and Steven at the big-box store for help with the new TV.

• Flintwood Senior Adults Ministry’s program and lunch on Thursday.

• Brother Edwards for a good sermon on Wednesday night at Bethel Holiness Church.

• the maintenance men at Fairington Apartments for going above and beyond the call of duty, from Debra and Sally.

• Judy, John and Brandie who worked so hard to make All Saints a nice and pleasant place to live.

• the individual who found my purse and returned it to the store.

• David and Connie for the ride to the hospital on Tuesday morning for my surgery, from Patsy.

• John Pickerell for the excellent column on Wednesday’s Republic Opinion page.

Onions to …

• the unnecessary government agency that can’t do its job.

• people who ignore the fact that individuals are more concerned about privacy today because of people stealing their identities and the ability to watch proceedings over a worldwide internet.

• The Republic for suggesting that everyone who disagrees with the current administration’s absurdity was a supporter of the former mayor.

• the person who hit the geese on Taylor Road.

• groups who don’t enforce cleanup of the neighborhoods.

• people who sit in parking lots and throw cigarette butts out their windows.

• the county department responsible for the delay in activating the sirens during the April 28 storm.

• the bank that charges $5 to cash their check.

• the manager who nominated her own staff for an award.

• the current administration who should stop blaming the last administration and address the issues brought up by concerned citizens.

• landlords who rent to people who trash the neighborhood.

Happy Birthday to …

• Georgina Burker, from your family and Donna.

• Larry Burton, from your family and Donna.

• Connie Coy, from your sister.

• Mark Scott, with love from Connie, Allison, Matthew, Jordan, Kaye and Judy.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Jim Preble, from Pat and Mike.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dave and Yanice Munt, from your family and Donna.

• Jeremy and Nicole McDonald, from your family, Leta, Donna and Joyce.

• Ed and Nancy Trowbridge, from Bob, Jeri and the rest of your family.