Court news – May 14

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

IMC Credit Services vs. Ronald Hemminger, Elizabethtown, $1,474.77; Gary L. and Lisa Settle, Salzburg Boulevard, $1,548.85; Anthony E. Shaw, Hope, $5,719.82; Bonita E. Smith, South County Road 100W, $2,479.85; Rose S. and Robert Tarter, Nashville, $6,000; Richard Hancher, Newton Street, $2,686.13; Shawna L. Whipker, South Lake Drive, $1,212.87; Richard M. Ferrenburg, South County Road 100W, $1,486.36; David J. Weed, North Cherry Street, $1,809.88; Toni M. Sipes, Sumpter Trail, $963.36; Joshua L. Shepherd, Lafayette Avenue, $2,837.89; Jaime A. Caceres, LaSalle Drive, $2,145.22.Statewide Credit Association vs. Michelle and Curtis Babbitt, Flat Rock, $321.22; and David Stroud, Cottage Avenue, $470.21.

David Gearhart, Old Nashville Road, vs. Laura McIntosh, West County Road 625S, $2,550 and eviction.

Haiderer Construction, Columbus, vs. John Hendricks, 22nd Street, $6,000.

Bradley and Cathryn Grayson, 25th Street, vs. Roxanna Gipson, Pearl Street, $6,000 and eviction.

Eileen Booher, Chestnut Street, vs. Top to Bottom Home Improvement, North Vernon, $1,000.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Randy Gay Jr., Village Drive, $1,764 and eviction.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Angela Wilson, Keller Avenue, $1,500 and eviction.

Eric Douglas, Della Road, vs. Katy Hardy, Della Road, $215.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road vs. Kathryn Ortiz, Union Street, $600 and eviction.

Gary and Kim Bowles, 19th Street, vs. Daniel Murray, Pence Calla, $2,469.86 and eviction.

Leila Mae Fear Family Trust vs. Chris and Hannah Zeigler, Seymour, $2,312.46 and eviction.

JC Candlelight Homes LLC and Candlelight Village vs. Bobby Sutton, Rosedale Drive, complaint for eviction.

LARC Properties, Nineveh, vs. Douglas and Jamie Huckaby, North Marr Road, $1,500 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service Inc. vs. Larissa Bowman, Lakecrest Drive, $2,317.40; Scarlet L. Brown, Werner Avenue, $1,701.92; Whitney F. Browning, Sims Drive, $2,593.20; Tyler D. Burke, West County Road 300S, $1,761.59; Jason D. Butler, Seymour, $1,808.36; Robert W. Campfield, Greensburg, $1,473.95; Jacqueline A. Dixon, Cambridge Court, $1,619.97; Joseph B. Fields, Nugent Boulevard, $2,662.83; Tracy L. Lane, Norman, $1,288.69; Robert Mathews, Fairmont, $2,754.54; Amber R. McBride, Hope, $3,198.08; Jill R. McCain, Richland Drive, $3,551.99; Jeff McQueen, Crothersville, $1,798.46; Tanya Y. Brown, 25th Street, $2,517.75; Crystal J. Champion, Union Street, $3,429.40; and Steven D. Doan, West State Road 46W.

Wayne and Micki Fulp, 25th Street, vs. Patricia J. Scroghan and Randall Pierson, Lafayette Avenue, $595 and eviction; and Melika L. Nevins, Union Street, $2,815 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Ron Bulthius, Chestnut Street, $900 and eviction.

Russell Rental Properties LLC, 25th Street, vs. Heather Allen, Franklin Street, $1,000 and eviction; and Mike McCoy, Franklin Street, $200 and eviction.

Pat Blackburn, Goldfinch Drive, vs. Lloyd King, King TV Service, 15th Street, $300.

Barr Plumbing Service, East County Road 275S, vs. Julie Jordan, 32nd Street, $4,518.98.

Elite Financial Services, Simpsonville, South Carolina, vs. Leo L. Clarady, Scarborough Drive, $2,661.57.

Kenneth Graham, Elizabethtown, vs. Zackery Conner, North Hughes Street, $1,980 and eviction.

Hayes & Hayes Attorneys, Washington Street, vs. Daniel S. Shuffitt, North Ross Street, $642.22; Anthony S. Perkins, Buffalo Court, $400; and Keith L. Stephenson, Delphi, $1,989.

Carver Toyota of Columbus vs. Patti A. Palmer, North Adkins Street, $738.81.

Gordon Ricketts, Hartsville, vs. Henry Dunn, Lafayette Avenue, $3,600 and eviction.

H Squared Enterprises, Nineveh, vs. Melissa Miller, Franklin Street, $1,500 and eviction.

IMC Credit Services vs. Eric A. Peck, Lawton Avenue, $891.18; Karen S. Newland, Joseph Cox Court, $4,039.07; Sonia June Spencer-Colvin, Wrenwood Place, $1,988.12; Richard L. Chell, Della Road, $4,660.13; Jeffrey A. Young, East County Road 200S, $2,241.19; Michael A. Tanenbaum, Pennsylvania Street, $2,514.20; Fredrick L. Stepper, Bayberry Drive, $4,451.13; Lisa K. Taylor, Columbus, $1,757.43; and Spencer H. Noblitt, Hope, $6,000.