Around Town – May 16

Orchids to …

• the person who returned a prescription to Walmart for a three-month supply of my medicine.

• Chick-fil-A for its very generous donation of delicious food and beverage to The Salvation Army Open House on Saturday at The Commons.

• Jenn Sydow, Helen Shaw and the Chick-fil-A Cow for all their help with The Salvation Army Open House on Saturday at The Commons.

• Woody and Becky Harrison for their very generous gifts of promoting The Salvation Army Open House and providing the venue for it.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers and Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) executive lead Jeff Jones for their interest in The Salvation Army’s Harbor Lights drug rehabilitation program for Columbus and for their visit on Saturday to the Open House.

• the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center for the cleaning supplies, from a neighborhood resident.

• Capts. Alan and Jodi Sladek for a tremendous job with the Columbus Salvation Army.

• those for having National Salvation Army Week.

• the Hope FFA Chapter and adviser Aleesa Dickerson for the well-planned, inspiring annual banquet Saturday, the newly elected officers for next school year and the student winners of achievement programs and contests of ability.

• everyone who prayed for my wife Pam Jackson after her fall and brought her back to me.

• Dexter Fravel for his brilliant letter to the editor exposing the real Columbus.

• the Rev. Nathan Shockley for a good sermon Sunday night.

• Sarah Loesch.

• the pharmacy staff at Kroger for helping my daughter fill a much-needed prescription.

Onions to …

• schools that teach students how to garden when they should be teaching them not to throw their lunch trash on the street and in people’s yards.

• people who have been brought up in a church since they were babies but are the biggest gossipers.

• homeowners who still have their garbage bins on the roadside three days after collection day.

• bicycle riders who think one-way streets and stop signs don’t apply to them, because they do.

• people in Columbus who have no respect for their neighbors by having loud music and trashy yards.

• those who think that sports is all about rewards and trophies rather than teamwork and competition.

• anyone who accepts President Trump’s continuous violation of the Ninth Commandment.

• those responsible for the poorly thought out idea of having our mail carriers lug around can goods.

• the local restaurant proprietor who is rude over the phone.

• drivers who don’t yield when turning left onto State Road 46 from State Road 11.

• the local newspaper that does not publicize the local postal carriers’ food drive.

• people who stare into other people’s cars as they eat.

• people who complain about toll roads because they are much needed.

• the person who always gets her picture in the paper.

• the elected official who rails against wasteful spending while his wife is a high-paid city contractor.

• anyone that operates go-karts, golf carts or off-road four-wheelers on any county road or public street.

• the organizers of the school musical event because it does not highlight only students and includes adults.

Happy Birthday to …

• Abilene Hanner, from your family and Donna.

• Cameron Glick.

• Katrina Covert.

• Skyler Knoots.

• Tammy Goecker, from Bob, Jeri, Chad, Jodi, Tyler and the rest of your family.

• Chris McFall, from Browns Corner Chapel Church.

• Don Taylor, from Steve and Char.

• Louise Davis, from your twin sister Linda Mitchell.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Doug and Trina Hanner, from your family and Donna.

• Brian and Jerrica Shrader, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Buzz and Barbara Hjelter.