Around Town – May 21

Orchids to …

• Ron’s Tree Service for the prompt, courteous, personable and professional manner in which our tall, storm-damaged tree was removed from our yard, Jim and Nora on Washington Street.

• Danny at Hyundai in Columbus for taking good care of my car for me, from Margaret.

• Columbus Street Department for the terrific job they did repairing the alley on Home Avenue.

• the new team at Greenbelt Golf Course for the positive changes and improvements to both the clubhouse and the course.

• the wonderful nursing staff at CRH — Donita, Michele, Alison, Rhonda, Cari, Mindy and Karen — for their great service yesterday, from Greg.

• Ann Martin for the awesome letter on customer service in Saturday’s paper which should be read by those who may have missed it.

• the mom I saw breastfeeding her daughter in public.

• the women who breastfeed their children wherever and whenever needed regardless of the criticism from others.

• businesses that support nursing moms.

• all mothers doing the best they can, including breastfeeding or bottle feeding in public.

• the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, the four women leaders who were honored Friday and Julie McClure and Mike Wolanin for excellent coverage.

• Shelby, Johnson and Bartholomew counties for the recent repaving of County Line Road for several miles outside of Edinburgh, from a daily commuter.

• State Senator Greg Walker and State Representative Milo Smith for your help.

• Columbus Alliance Church for a great Ironsman breakfast on Saturday.

• Carole Hyneman for a great letter, from Mike.

• Larry Perkinson for winning the William R. Laws Human Rights Award this year.

Happy Birthday to …

• Marie Spall, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Payton Allison.

• Eric Pittman.

• Kathryn Pauer and Rachel Wilson, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Amanda Hunnicut.

• Adam Spartz.

• Jen Thayer.

• Madison Heilman.

• Chloe Talkington.

• Dusty Allman.

• Taylor Knotts.

• Rachel Harker Wilson.

• Pam Martin, from your Dad, your brothers, your sisters and the rest of your family.

• Stuart Records, from Connie and Colleen.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Roger and Ellis Jean Godsey Gillespie.

• Walter and Liz Dean.

ANOTHER beautiful morning