Black Lives Matter hosts rally for Flint residents

Black Lives Matter of Columbus will join with other groups at a rally and march at 2 p.m. Saturday to raise its voice and money to help people in Flint, Michigan, get their tainted water problems resolved.

The event will begin at Columbus City Hall.

The local chapter’s leaders have had Flint residents on their minds since the organization began in July, said the chapter’s organizer and chairwoman, Brittany King. That focus is partly because Flint’s population is 56 percent black, with 42 percent of city residents living below the poverty level, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures.

And it’s also partly because the Columbus chapter’s focus is meant to be broad in scope when confronting injustice.

“We believe one of the main reasons those people are not getting help is because of their demographics,” King said. “If this were anywhere else, or Columbus, Indiana, it wouldn’t have lasted for more than a week.”

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