Support congressman’s proposal in budget

From: Mike McKnight


I am writing to make my fellow Hoosiers aware of a proposal put forward by our 6th District congressman Luke Messer that has been included in the budget introduced by President Trump. I am determined to spread the word about this common-sense proposal for a couple of reasons. While I am eager to brag about the good work my congressman is currently doing to those within our borders, my main desire is to point out the benefits to all Americans of including this proposal in the budget.

This proposal calls for the federal government to end the practice of subsidizing illegal immigration by allowing those without so much as a Social Security number to claim the child tax credit on their tax returns. While you may not think this is a significant budget issue, the fact is that this practice costs the taxpayers $6 billion to $7 billion every single year. The Democrats have shown no desire to engage in honest attempts to balance the budget but rather to pander to their base on this and all issues, so they will no doubt misrepresent this proposal as soon as possible. It is incumbent on us to inform our friends and neighbors of the truth.

By ending this fraudulent practice we are taking a significant step toward shrinking the crushing debts and deficits that are currently hanging over the heads of our children and ensuring the continuation of an important program in the future. The child tax credit is an essential benefit to those hard-working Americans who don’t want a handout but could sometimes use a helping hand, and therefore it is essential we end its exploitation to ensure it will be funded in the future.

So I encourage fellow Hoosiers to call, write, post, stop people in public, whatever it takes to help support U.S. Rep. Luke Messer in his attempt to support President Trump while he continues to make America great again.