Around Town – June 2

Orchids to …

• The Salvation Army for delivering me groceries today, from a grateful person.

• St. Bartholomew Catholic School for being a four-star school, the only one, public or private, in Bartholomew County.

• the students at Schmitt Elementary for the tea, doughnuts and other gifts, from your crossing guard.

• Geri Handley for all her help and especially the beautiful decorations at the Women’s Giving Circle event, from the Heritage Fund staff.

• Rachael and Aly at Wendy’s on National Road for helping us out when we had our problem.

• the extremely kind gentleman who rescued me when I flattened a tire May 29 at the corner of 11th and Washington streets, from a lady who received a great blessing.

• our Republic carrier, Alex, for taking the time to get out of his car and throw our paper on the porch, from the Lehmans.

• the Hall and Dole families for the gift cards, from the crossing guards at Richards Elementary School.

• Eddie Purnell for mowing our yard, from the Thompsons.

• Helen Heckman for being an outstanding principal at St. Bartholomew Catholic School, which has earned a four-star rating for the third time in a row.

• Jewell Village Separate Baptist Church for all your help and prayers, from Mike, Judy and Angel.

• Bobby Fields for mowing my yard, from your brother, Mike.

• Miss Sarah and Miss Nicole at North Star Montessori School for taking such great care of our kids, from Adam and Chelsea.

• Noah’s mom for all your help Tuesday, from Hunter and his mom.

Onions to …

• police officers who don’t use their turn signals, yet will stop others for the same infraction.

• farmers who are in a field past 1 a.m., keeping folks awake who have to be up early for work.

• the company that forces employees to attend all workforce events, which takes coverage away from an already short supply of workers and makes people miss time with their families.

• people who complain when other people put their trash totes out.

• those who are worried about folks parking on a public street because, even if it is in front of their house, it’s still a public street.

Happy Birthday to …

• Danielle Mize, from Grandpa and Grandma Mize and family.

• Bryan Dailey.

• Carter Henry West.

• Kennedi Herron.

• Rick, from Tina.