Around Town – June 3

Orchids to …

• Ashley and Zac at First Financial Bank for the awesome lunch, from all of us at Future Tool.

• the Columbus City Garage patch crew as well as the stone crew for repairing the entrance to our subdivision, from the neighbors of High Vista.

• all farmers for their never-ending hard work, even at 1 a.m., and for their part in providing food for our families to eat.

• Michael Pence for helping our president fulfill his promises to the American people.

• the hospital employee who paid for my lunch Thursday, from a former employee.

• those who support the 195 other countries committed to rescuing the planet for our children and grandchildren.

• farmers everywhere who constantly work hard to bring our world bounties of goodness, from grateful Americans.

• Byron at Kroger for your help, and for always having a smile, from a satisfied customer.

Onions to …

• the company that refused to wash my truck.

• employers who don’t pay employees livable wages.

• the school employee for his rude, disrespectful behavior towards a paying spectator.

• the assistant coach for rudely questioning a paying spectator as to why he attended the sectional instead of appreciating the support.

• companies that promote individuals to supervisory positions who have zero people management skills.

• stores that hand out extremely long receipts with each transaction.

• the administration for not realizing how embarrassing it makes Columbus look.

• the city for not having a YMCA for the community.

• those who support the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

• people who are always judging others but who never take the time to judge themselves.

• the school sports team that does not wear school colors.

Happy Birthday to …

• Vance Elias Hege on No. 16, from Grandma Hege.

• Ryan Archer.

• Mathew Wyatt Marlowe.

• Angela Thompson.

• Dalton Foley, from Dad, Mom, Mikayla, Colt and Maverick.

• Elijah Mann on No. 2, with love from Mommy, Daddy, Abby, Nicholas and Maddie.

• Sammy Hitch, from Dustten, Samantha, Mom, Dad, Betty, Kirt, Marilyn, John, Patsy, Penny, Charlie, Donny and all the rest of your family and friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Herb and Beverly Behrman on No. 45, from your family, and from the Lehmans.

• Bob and Mary Foster on No. 34, from Charlotte and all your family and friends.