Around Town – June 9

Orchids to …

• Columbus Regional Health emergency room, X-ray and emergency medical services staff for kind, thoughtful and expert care when I fell May 29, from Carol.

• David Wilson.

• my wonderful family for spending the evening with me when I fell, from Grammy.

• Bill Kendall for his letter to the editor in Wednesday’s edition of The Republic with his perfect description of the problems in our country today, from an old neighbor.

• Nancy Rumsey and Nikolay Verevkin for the outstanding four-handed piano duet accompaniment Sunday at First United Methodist Church, from many church members.

• Kevin Butler, music director, and the Chancel Choir for the wonderful music on Sunday.

• the young people from St. Bartholomew School who showed such courage and leadership in presenting their views, concerns and ideas about climate change to the city council the other night.

• Bill Kendall for his letter to the editor because I loved it, especially the last paragraph.

• Newland Structures for building our wonderful deck this week, from grateful customers.

• Doug Southern of Southern Roofing for your attention to detail and professionalism in roofing my home, from Larry.

Onions to …

• those who let certain builders continue to hijack our city.

• the person in the administration who doesn’t seem to have a grasp on anything.

• people who complain about roundabouts because they are cheaper to maintain than traffic lights and, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they decrease accidents.

• whoever is responsible for mowing the grass in the ditch next to the airport.

• the passenger of the red Corvette who threw trash out on Lowell Road on Wednesday evening.

• the local law enforcement official for being rude.

• the person who thinks the museum shouldn’t sell pictures that weren’t historical because the museum doesn’t have room for every little thing.

• the local official for stating that travel from downtown to a subdivision would only be affected by a few minutes when it should be known that a fire doubles every minute.

• those who haven’t figured out that the solution to all the head-on collisions is to put your phone down and keep your head up.

Happy Birthday to …

• Alice Burns, from your friends.

• Melissa Fisher, from Janet and Nancy.

• Jill McCain, from friends and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Dustin and Rebecca Shoaf.

• Wayne and Theresa Downey.

• Mike and Diana Bova on No. 61, from your family.