Around Town – June 14

Orchids to …

• Dr. Nieters and his staff for the great and personal blessings after my wife died, from Roger Lee.

• Bill Poor for beautifying the garden outside the Philharmonic’s downtown office.

• the young man at the Cummins Fuel Systems Plant for his assistance with loading a heavy tote of donated safety shoes, from a grateful fellow employee.

• Columbus’ Animal Care Services for being so helpful.

• William and Barbara Carr for their awesome friendship, from a friend.

• the praise team at First United Methodist Church for your wonderful music Sunday morning.

• the staff of American Nursing Care for becoming a five-star agency.

• the people trying to save the turtle Monday evening on National Road.

• Karla Eudy for going above and beyond in setting up the Washington, D.C., trip, from a thankful Central Middle School parent.

• Pastor John Armstrong for the excellent column in Saturday’s paper.

• Curtis Hill for his excellent column in Saturday’s Republic on reasons why we should not legalize marijuana, from someone who agrees.

• Jane at Walmart for helping me find the Big Red on Monday, from a grateful customer.

• J. Stuart Cundiff for his excellent and informative letter to the editor Friday, “Disabled veterans should get benefits.”

• the young male employee working third shift at the Marathon on Washington Street for always being pleasant and kind when we shop there.

• Rosie and Nathan at Smoke on the Square in Hope for sharing their funnel cake with Art and Dorothy.

• the Burchyett Realty Group for placing flags in the Sandy Hook South Drive addition Tuesday morning.

• Caleb and Avery Spencer for making the honor roll at Columbus North High School.

• Adam Engelau of Engelau Excavating for helping your elderly neighbors.

• The Salvation Army in Columbus for sponsoring two Gleaners food trucks.

Onions to …

• the person who lacks self control and then blames restaurants for making him eat too much.

• traffic laws for not enacting a no-cellphone-use-in-vehicle law which would dramatically reduce head-on collisions.

• people who don’t realize that marijuana is not legal according to federal law.

• the administration that wants to be less reliant on the auto industry and yet plans on attending the engine expo in Germany.

• the facility we rented Saturday evening that provided no air conditioning during our wedding reception.

• the neighborhoods that are concerned about safety and crime and are not worried about sheds and fences, especially if they are all beautiful looking.

• the police officer who tailgated me down U.S. 31 and onto State Street on Tuesday morning.

• whoever sprayed and killed the flowers at the ditch on my property in Hope even though I had “no spray” signs posted.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kim Blair, Phil Whited and Tyler Dale Wilson, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Mingh Nguyen, from your family and Donna.

• Roger Bragg.

• Malcolm Long.

• Hadley Ping.

• Colin M. Bruner.

• Rebecka L. Bruner.

• Josh Elkins on No. 12, with love from Mom and Dad.

• Josh Elkins on No. 12, with love from Mamaw and Papaw.

• Barb Harmon, from Jean, Kim, Mark and George.

• Jason Kelley, with love from Mom and Dad.

• Courtney Grider, from Aunt Sue.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ben and Ashlee Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tony and Emily Flack.

• Wayne Lee on No. 42, with love from Patty Lee and the kids.