The State Street Revitalization Project hit an important milestone with recent completion of the first phase, which involved improvements to the bridge over Haw Creek at State Street and Central Avenue.

That’s a welcome sign, and gives additional reason to look forward to Phase 2, some of which is expected to be completed by late this year.

The $2.1 million first phase connects the east side of Columbus along with State Street corridor to downtown in a stylish way, and makes the bridge more useful and accessible for more people. Highlights include an 8-foot walking path on the north side and a 6-foot walking path on the south side — welcome additions for pedestrians and bicyclists. The bridge connects to the People Trail on Central Avenue, and includes plaza areas with benches on each side. Also, red architectural vertical elements give the bridge flair and tie in with other city architectural elements.

These are welcome enhancement for the city’s east side, which has been long overdue for investments and upgrades. Investments in infrastructure such as the bridge and walking paths meet needs and desired amenities that should help spur further economic investment in that corridor.

That’s the type of benefit that all resident should welcome.