Around Town – June 16

Orchids to …

• Chick-fil-A for outstanding catering service and for fulfilling a large last-second order when we ran out of food.

• the Indiana attorney general for his column in the newspaper regarding not legalizing marijuana.

• Dr. Bauer at Hope Veterinary Clinic for reassuring me regarding Harley in the early morning hours, from Carol.

• Alice Sechrest for her outstanding letter to the editor.

• Garden of Grace Gift Shop on Cottage Avenue for the unique and beautiful shop you have created and for your great customer service.

• Bob and Carolyn Trimpe for allowing us to visit our old homeplace because it was a very enjoyable time, from the Ping family.

• Doug and Bree at Bed Bath & Beyond for helping me to my car in the rain Wednesday, from Martha.

Onions to …

• the city for catering to less than 1 percent of the total population.

• managers at clubs who are unprofessional, openly disrespect fellow employees and have made my family uncomfortable.

• people who leave dirty diapers in parking lots.

• the speed racer in the black car who decided to plow through U.S. 31 and 25th Street, turning right in front of a bicyclist who had the green light to go straight.

• the city officials who think that more after-school programs will solve the drug problem.

• all the marijuana haters.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jason Major, from Marian.

• Brent Lee Bryant, Dillian Gentry and Billy Bryant, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Jarrett Turner, with love from your family.

• Shane Skinner on No. 10, with love from Mom, Dad, Shana, Shelby and Judy.

• Jessica Hartwell.

• Debbie Sims.

• Linda Galbraith.

• Runaca Guffey.

• Morgan Siener, from your friends and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ron and Chris Weidman on No. 28, from your mom, Janet.

• Cathy Wheeler on No. 34, from your husband, Bill Wheeler.