‘Columbus’ movie claims top prize

They like the movie “Columbus” in a place far from Indiana.

The movie featuring the city’s architectural gems took home a top prize — Best Feature Film — at the Valletta Film Festival in Malta. Haley Lu Richardson, who stars in the movie, earned the award for Best Actress.

The movie is slated to open Aug. 4 in New York and Los Angeles, and is scheduled for its local premiere Sept. 1 at YES Cinema in Columbus.

“Columbus” highlights the story of Casey (Richardson), who lives with her mother in a small Midwestern town haunted by the promise of Modernism. Jin (John Cho), a visitor from the other side of the world, attends to his dying father.

In their friendship, they find respite in one another and the architecture and its symbolism that surrounds them.

Filmed from July 31 to Aug. 20 at 16 buildings in downtown Columbus, the film was the first for a Nashville, Tennessee, director who goes by the single name of Kogonada.

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