Bartholomew County Public Library collected food donations to pay off fines

The Bartholomew County Public Library collected 1,176 food items in its Food for Fines campaign.

From June 5 to 17, library customers were encouraged to pay overdue fines by donating non-perishable food items. For every dollar owed in fines at least one food item had to be donated.

The food items were given to Love Chapel in Columbus and the Hope Food Pantry. In addition to paying overdue fines with food items, some library patrons who didn’t have fines donated food as well.

Food for Fines was planned in conjunction with the library’s theme of “Build a Better World” for its Summer Reading Challenge.

In July, the library will conduct its Underwear and Diaper Drive. New underwear and diapers donated at the library will go to Sans Souci and the Community Center of Hope. This drive will not be linked to paying off library fines.