Council walks way from cumulative capital development tax

An anti-tax Bartholomew County Council walked away from an anti-business tax increase, leaving almost $700,000 in state funds on the table.

“It’s tabled until next year, I guess,” council president Laura DeDomenic said Tuesday after a motion from council member Mark Gorbett to enact the new tax failed to get a second.

Although Gorbett said he expects a new local income tax will be considered this fall, council member Bill Lentz made it clear he doesn’t have that same expectation.

“I don’t want the headlines to be that we voted this down, but that the next thing is going to be a local income tax,” Lentz said. “I’m not pushing any further tax at this point.”

Instead, Lentz said he will wait until after the council begins its 2018 budget talks Aug. 16 to see what financial details develop.

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