Around Town – July 23

Orchids to …

• Steve Pein and the crew at North Vernon Beverage for supporting veterans, POW families and the Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial.

• the gentleman who helped the lady walking her dog with a walker get up after she fell when a dog was chasing her dog.

• Vinnie for a great job mowing the lawn on the corner of 17th and Central.

• Rachel and Valorie for all of your help in making Exhibit Columbus a success, from Exhibit Columbus.

• the July 20 Cummins group that helped out at Orphan Grain Train by sorting, packing, loading and unloading, because your help was much appreciated.

• Travis at Jiffy Lube for going above and beyond what was expected of him for service.

Happy Birthday to …

• Amanda Carrigan, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Ruth DeLay, from George, Bryant, family and friends.

• Ann Tallant, from your family and Donna.

• Mark Olkiewicz, from Mom and Dad.

• Becky Goecker, from Bob, Jeri, Max, A.J., Emma, Kayla and the rest of your family.

• Teresa Harker.

• Kelsee Jones.

• Jordan Sneed.

• Shari Sanders.

• Linda Barnsfather.

• Kaitlyn J. Emmert.

• Linda Cutrell, from Jean Patrick.

• Wanda Tucker, with love from Eugene, Melissa, Haley and Cesar.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gary and Joyce Bragg, from your family, Leta and Donna.

• Cory and Tasha Wainscott, from your family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning