People Trails projects good investments for community

The People Trails system in Columbus is one of the city’s best amenities because it benefits residents in multiple ways.

It is popular with runners, walkers and bicyclists for physical fitness, recreation, transportation and socializing. The trails provides routes to school and work.

In short, the People Trails system enhances residents’ quality of life.

It’s about to be enhanced a bit more.

Currently, 15 projects are underway or in planning stages that will add about 14 miles to the city’s 27 miles of People Trails system.

The projects — estimated to cost $3.7 million total, but with funding coming from variety of sources, including federal government — cover a variety of areas of the city and are intended to make the trails more accessible and closer to neighborhoods, promote physical activity in the community and provide safe routes to school and work. That’s good to hear.

The work will include installation of side paths and bike lanes, and trail connections and extensions — under the guidance of the Columbus Park Foundation.

Some of the projects will come to fruition this year, others in the next year or so. All, though, will make the People Trails system better.

It makes the community more appealing to possible newcomers and provides greater benefits to existing residents.

That’s all the more reason to maintain and improve one of the community’s best assets.