Letter: Make sure your Verizon box is up-to-date

From: Sheri Nichalson


On July 9 I had a scary experience trying to get in touch with 911. My husband was having difficulty breathing, and his lips were turning blue.

I tried five times to call 911, and it would not connect with 911. The sixth time I called it rang and rang, and I was connected to Brown County dispatch. I live in the southwest part of Bartholomew County, and with no ambulance close by there was a delay getting help. I later found out that we have a Verizon box hooked to our home phone, and it was outdated. It was a 3G and all the local towers are now 4G.

I just want everyone who has a box attached to their home phone to call your carrier to make sure your box is not outdated. I now have a new box that I can now call 911 if I need to. I want to thank Southwest Fire and Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers for all their help.