Court news – August 5

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

LARC Properties vs. Iris Morales, Sycamore Street, $1,240 and eviction.

Wayne and Micki Fulp, 25th Street, vs. Curtis V. and Becky J. Asher, Reo Street, $1,250 and eviction.

Donald Hinds, North Hills Drive, vs. Dan W. Shriner II, Ninth Street, $595 and eviction.

Columbus Home Service vs. Katrina Wade, North Mapleton Street, $1,417 and eviction.

Debra F. Stringer, Lakecrest Drive, vs. Carole Alvey, Hope, claim for damages.

Allied Collection Service vs. Patsy S. Bennett, Autumn Ridge Drive, $3,870.36; Troy D. Brock, Pence Avenue, $3,853.86; Jonathan L. Deckard, Country Brook Street, $2,556; Casey R. Grant, South County Road 130W, $2,504.26; Jon A. Lusk, 25th Street, $1,496.51; Marcia K. Mack, California Street, $2,236.36; Ronald E. Miller, Cardinal Court, $3,354.55; and Jason Williams, Greensburg, $1,547.93.

C & F Willowood LLC vs. Derick and Kara Chandler, Cardinal Court, $1,230.83 and eviction.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Samual Farano, Pence Avenue, $1,011.50; Martin Davis, Vance Street, $1,100.72; and Michelle Wiles, Cherry Street, $951.33.

Oliver Tzeng, Indianapolis, vs. Mark A. Ciesiolka, Columbus, $2,765.56.

Rent-A-Center, Central Avenue, vs. Amber N. Bryant, Clifford, $1,500; and Wendy and Robert Sutton, Lawton Avenue, $1,500.

Equity Property Management, North Country Brook Court, vs. Dakota Kramer and Krista Segalski, Ruddick Avenue, $794.61.

C.R. Marshall, Second Street, vs. Thomas E. Lusk, Elizabethtown, $5,111.98; and Stephanie R. Lucas, Elizabethtown, $950.

Cavalry SPV I, LLC, vs. James R. Davis, Edinburgh, $1,893.83; Christopher Tungate, Jones Street, $3,339.67; Anna P. Williams, Hege Avenue, $844.91; and Alex Dickherber, 22nd Street, $3,562.22.

Tanner G. and Tara M. Briggs, Parkview Drive, vs. Tyler Phillips, Seymour, $1,067.31.

Lincoln Village Cooperative vs. Christina Elgar, North Lincoln Village Drive, claim for eviction.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Pam Blair, Clifty Drive, $1,050 and eviction.

Julio A. Dominguez, Camden Drive, vs. Kimberly Hayden, Candlelight Drive, $4,400.

Nory Hernandez Garcia, Clark Boulevard, vs. Brisa Orlandi, Fremont Street, $6,000.

Razor Capital LLC vs. Linda Hutton, also known as Linda A. Sedlacko, Lanesend Drive, $954.16; and Donald Luken, 17th Street, $2,575.29.

John Taulman, Sawin Drive, vs. Sarah and Logan Brock, Sycamore Street, $710 and eviction.

Bloomfield Apartments, vs. Kelley L. Taylor, Sims Court, complaint for damages and eviction; and Gregory Hendrickson, Sims Court, $1,934 and eviction.

Charleston Square Apartments vs. Brandon W. Green, Charleston Place, $500 and eviction; and Rachel A. Harper and Torie L. Pierce, Charleston Place, $300 and eviction.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Sheryl Nickerson, Nicholas Lane, $597.23 and eviction; Brenda Roberts, Pavia Court, $527.14 and eviction; and Nicole Bridges, Nicholas Lane, $712.45 and eviction.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Kenneth D. Terry, Cambridge Square, $774.63 and eviction.

Applegate Apartments vs. Alejandro Dozal and Esmeralda Colin Gomez, Applegate Drive, $950.75 and eviction; Diana Bishop and Jeremy Todd, Applegate Drive, $1,046 and eviction; and Bryce Nystrom and Ashleigh Thompson, Applegate Drive, $838 and eviction.

Gateway Apartments vs. Whitney Watkins, Phoenix Court, complaint for eviction and damages; Krystal Murray, Phoenix Court, $2,277.42 and eviction; and Aliceyn Cooney, Phoenix Court, $2,455.55 and eviction.

Bloomfield Apartments, vs. Tamica Seniours, Sims Court, $2,426.76 and eviction; and Daniel Mallory, Sims Court, $2,050 and eviction.

Robert Monroe, Monroe Court, vs. Tiffany Cammon and Richard Shrum, Sycamore Drive, $1,800 and eviction.

Frank Ruf, Elizabethtown, vs. Mario and Carrisa Mota, Longshore Drive, $3,774.83.

JC Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Village vs. Randy Miller, Rosewood Lane, $570.85 and eviction; Sarah and Jess Alpha, Camden Drive, $832, $848 and eviction; Tasha Barnes and James Wise, Lamplight Drive, $822, $654.78 and eviction; Kristina and Josh Harrell, Rosewood Lane, and Martin Barnett, Jay, Florida, $822, $667.16 and eviction; Sean and Angel Liebig, Bayberry Drive, $766, $848 and eviction; and Lisa Cook, Central Avenue, $280.72 and $411.