Around Town – August 6

August 6

Orchids to …

• Megan Peterson for her great article in Friday’s paper, from Carol.

• Garden of Grace Gift Shop, a lovely store with lovely people to operate it.

• Debbie Kramer for the delicious fried chicken Friday.

• the Kroger customer who helped me pay for the rest of my groceries when I couldn’t find my card.

• everyone involved with The Moving Wall.

• Megan Peterson for the beautifully written and insightful column.

• Darren Rutan and the crew from Rutan’s Lawn Service for the very quick response in trimming the bushes around Richards Elementary School on a late notice, and for a job well done.

• the adorable elderly couple at the east-side Walmart who were pushing their cart together, side by side, because you made my day.

• those who support Colin Kaepernick and his use of the right to protest peacefully, which shone a light on the lack of justice for all in the United States, from a very grateful veteran.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janet Fiesbeck, from Bob, Jeri, Leroy and the rest of your family, and from Whosoever Will Church.

• Susan Repp, from Brenda Brown.

• R.G.

• Karen Mize.

• Herb Boilanger.

• Eryn Shaw.

• Madison Jones.

• Andrea Sullivan.

• Collin Crawford, from your family.

• Karen Johnson, from Mom, Dad, Rita, Debbie, Wayne and Ty.

• Katherine Knulf, from Jean Patrick.

• Lenora May Jeffries, from Marie.

• Philip Klinker, from Miss Marie.

• Janice Simmons, from Henley, Vera, Ron, Larry, Retha, Teresa and Becky.

• Steve Shumard, from Retha, Dylan, Ron, Penny, Lydi and the rest of the family.