Around Town – August 8

Orchids to …

• Lori Borgman for her humorous piece in Sunday’s edition of The Republic.

• Mila Lipinski, Tim Rix, Josie Royer, Tim Cox, Kyle Kingen and Jane Phillips for designing the imaginative and inviting “Between the Threads.”

• Lori Borgman, whose column in Sunday’s paper gave me more giggles than any of the comics.

• the people who set out the lovely luminaries on Riverside Drive for Saturday night’s Moonlight Loop, and to the many volunteers, because it was a great ride.

• Tom and John of Columbus Regional Hospital’s ambulance service for going above and beyond in the giving of the birthday present, from the Loves on Goeller Boulevard.

• Joe Yost and my good neighbors for helping me when I needed it, from Alice.

Onions to …

• the person on Orchard Valley Drive who will not leave my paper alone.

• anyone gullible enough to believe that energy-saving summer hours actually save energy.

• anyone who supports those who are preventing Colin Kaepernick from playing.

• the service-oriented community where the only real service provided is a cashier.

• the local league that requires a $50 payment to try out for the team.

• those responsible for the cul-de-sac which looks like a used car lot.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeanie Estes, from Whosoever Will Church.

• Greg King, from your ex-workers and family.

• Pat Watson, from your family and Donna.

• Tina Henselmeier, from your family and co-workers.

• Lorene Turner, with love from your family.

• Kelly Perkinson, from Lester, Junior and all the family.

• Linda Henderson, with love from Jay and Mike.

• Abby Walls, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• David Sneed.

• Valarie Parker Thompson.

• Tony Miller.

• Joe Justice.

• Hannah Weddle, from Grandma Weddle.

Happy Birthday to …

• Angie Westerfield, from your family and Donna.

• Donita Butler, from family and friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Nancy, from your loving Hubby.

• Happy Belated Anniversary to…

• Tina and Chuck Boddie, from your family and Donna.