Around Town – August 12

Orchids to …

• Gina and the home improvement staff at Lowe’s for excellent customer service, from Vickie.

• Jim Sweeney for his accurate letter regarding the Endangered Species Act.

• the Columbus Salvation Army Corps for sponsoring two awesome food trucks.

• Stanley Steemer for excellent service, from the Bovas.

• Susan Vass, Tom Harpring and Walmart for donating bingo prizes to DSI’s adult overnight camp, from the DSI camp staff.

• AA Nails in Taylorsville and the nice people who work there for the most amazing, best ever manicure.

• the management at the convenience store on 17th and Central who allows the old guy to make a little extra spending money by playing his violin for passersby.

• the city and the men who did a great job fixing my pothole on Timbercrest Drive on Wednesday.

Onions to …

• elected politicians who decline to attend town hall meetings to answer questions from their constituents.

• those who refuse to acknowledge that drug addiction is a personal, moral issue rather than an availability issue — exactly the same as alcohol abuse.

• those who do not want to be told what to do by the government, and then tell others what they should and shouldn’t do.

• the news media which, by constantly sensationalizing the drug abuse issues of a few, is causing tremendous harm to patients legitimately under a doctor’s supervision for treatment for severe pain.

• everyone who forgets that when the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die.

• the company that controls prices to benefit only themselves and has no regard for the people who can’t afford those prices.

• the city that does not enforce muffler laws.

• the condominium association that made everyone change an exterior paint color instead of requiring one house to be repainted the correct color.

• the person who submitted the Onion about the Spanish sign at the Courthouse because it was a simple mistake as we speak English in America.

Happy Birthday to …

• Shirley Harrison and Bob Hogue, from Whosoever Will Church.

• Becky Calvert, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Marcia Starks, from your family and Donna.

• Venice Jones, from your friends, family and Donna.

• Donna Miller.

• Leanna Harker, Judena Patton, Dianne Flack and John Carr, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Bob Brown, my wonderful husband and friend, from Anita.

• Ron Placek, from Cheryl, Solomon, Cedric, Naomi, Pam, your children and all your grandchildren.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Brenda and Joe Pitts, from your family and Donna.