Around Town – August 18

Orchids to …

• Pat and Pam May, whom we truly appreciate, for all your help Wednesday, from Joyce and Evelyn.

• Marvin Artis for all your help and also for the cantaloupe, from Joyce and Evelyn.

• Sandy, Charlotte and the rest of the lay ministers with St. Bartholomew Catholic Church for all the work you do in honor of the people who are unable to get out and attend church.

• Bill at Scheidler Glass for the great job he did repairing my French door.

• family and friends of the Juanita Harden family and the Bob Hayes family who all attended the tribute honoring them Tuesday night at Donner Center.

• the ladies at WorkOne for being a big help, from Anthony.

Onions to …

• people who text you past 10 p.m. about work even though they know you are on vacation.

• any organization intending to host performers who turn their backs on veterans.

Happy Birthday to …

• Marc Johnson, from everyone in the Allman, Johnson and Maschino families.

• Gary Hill, from Elsie.

• Tony Garrison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Rachel Whittington.

• Tammy Fletcher.

• Kim Harris.

• Andrew Jacob Spartz.

• Daddy, Ike Dougherty, from Sawyer, Kellen and Sophie.

• Terry Freeman, from Janet.

• Mike Titara, from Carolyn, Jamie, Arianna and Jon Jon.

• Steve Anthers, from Julie.