Around Town – August 22

Orchids to …

• the fantastic road crew for the great repaving job that was much needed on County Road 825W, from the neighborhood.

• the cast and crew who provided an evening of hilarious entertainment in their performance of “Playing Doctor” at Willow Leaves of Hope on Saturday evening.

• the staff of Willow Leaves of Hope for the delicious meal that they served at the dinner theater on Saturday evening, and for the wonderful servers that were so attentive to the customers.

• Frank Anderson Tire Co. for taking excellent care of Chicago visitors and getting them back on the road safely, from the Visitors Center.

• Greg Noel for placing in the state bus rodeo Saturday.

• the Bartholomew County REMC men who came out Sunday morning to restore our power.

• the Columbus Police Department for their quick response to the home invasion on Saturday on Hartford Avenue, and for catching the perpetrator quickly, from a grateful resident.

• R. Andrew Robertson for your outstanding and true letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper.

• the lady in the vision center at the west-side Walmart for repairing and cleaning my glasses.

• Linda Mitchell for all the help she has done for me regarding my medical needs, including providing transportation to the hospital.

• Jenny Wallace at the farmers market for being so kind to the retired teachers visiting her booth.

• the kind couple who left a dome clock on my porch for me because I have enjoyed listening to it.

Onions to …

• all the drivers on County Road 200S who choose to drive in the middle of the road when there is enough room to stay their own lane.

• those who don’t denounce all hate groups.

• whomever should be responsible for the deterioration of The Crump Theatre, which needs repaired before part of the front falls off and hurts a passerby.

• those unable to realize that achieving a clean slate, free of historical stains, will prove to be a delusion.

• anyone who thinks that a roundabout is safer than a stoplight.

• whoever else is against Trump and is calling for his impeachment.

• those demanding more and more in services with no increase in taxes.

• those who think $45 per month is an adequate food stamp allowance.

• the organization that expects employees to attend a meeting over the weekend without getting paid to do so.

• the elected official who doesn’t know how to balance a budget.

• people who are encouraging rallies and protests in Columbus.

• those who aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something.

• people who won’t acknowledge President Trump did condemn the KKK, white supremacists and all hate groups.

• people who work so hard to not deal with truth and reality.

• the customer at the big box store who was headed through the entry doors but then suddenly ran to the exit door to squeeze in as I was coming out.

• people who use any excuse to get their name in the paper.

Happy Birthday to …

• Michael Smith, Jamisen Hudson and Kennith Merideth, from Whosoever Will Church.

• Sue Walls, from your family and Donna.

• Terry Kelch, from your family, Melissa and Donna.

• Jean Barnett, from your friend Paulette.

• Kennith Merideth, from Vera and Mark.

• Susan Christophel, from Mom.

• Greta Brown, from G.G.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Caydon Bowers on No. 9, from Aunt Paulette.