Around Town – August 23

Orchids to …

• All of the motorcycle riders and supporters who came out for Sgt. Hunter’s procession on Tuesday, a true testament of community support.

• Bartholomew County Public Library for hosting the eclipse party on Monday.

• SIHO Insurance for the delicious and fun summer luncheons each Friday from Kim and Andrea.

• the president for his great speech about unity.

• Clora and Howard Mize for a wonderful Sunday afternoon, from your Forever Friends.

• the Rev. Ed Scherer-Berry and Newbern United Methodist Church for hosting the great hymn sing Aug. 13, from the Hope, Hartsville, Petersville and Westport United Methodist churches.

• God who provides the beautiful celestial bodies of the eclipse for everyone.

• Jim McCleery for providing his welder’s mask so we could watch the eclipse, from your friends at Columbus Pediatrics.

• First United Methodist Church and all the volunteers for the wonderful Parents’ Night Out.

• the watermelon bandit for giving us a delicious Jackson County melon.

• whoever is farming the beautiful bean fields between Washington Street and the Flat Rock River bridge.

• Dr. Ilya Schwartzman for allowing us to attend Sgt. Hunter’s procession, from his staff.

Onions to …

• statues that glorify people who championed slavery; we can better understand history through museums and books.

• County Council for considering a raise for county employees and possibly increasing taxes to do so.

• owners of the black-and-green car in the store parking lot Friday afternoon with a dog inside with all the windows rolled up.

• planners of the horrible Lowell Road project.

• the driver of the white vehicle who continued driving in the opposite direction along Central Avenue during the procession for a fallen soldier.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chris Mitchell, from your family and Donna.

• Emily Walker, from Mrs. Erickson.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jimmy and Nataline Weddle, from Whosoever Will Church.

• John and Connie Ray.