Letter: Procession proof of what we have in common

From: Owen Forbes


Having just arrived home with my wife and son from the motorcade procession returning the remains of Sgt. Jonathon Hunter, I am overwhelmed with sadness for Sgt. Hunter and his family, but I am also filled with pride for our Columbus community.

The route from Columbus Municipal Airport to Barkes, Weaver & Glick Funeral Home was about 4.5 miles, and there was not a spot along the route without members of our community honoring this young man and his family. I was particularly moved by the number of schoolchildren waving flags in the pouring rain. The images were so sad and so powerful at the same time.

Reflecting on this procession has given me the realization that we are not as divided a people as we read about in the media and see on television. As a community and a nation, I think we often forget about what we have in common and instead focus on how we are different. This procession for Sgt. Hunter was an important event that brought together many people, all for the purpose of honoring a fallen American soldier. Regardless of our individual beliefs, this was a reminder of the pride we all share and that we are one people and one nation.