Letter: As a country, it’s time to get our act together

From: Kenneth Landreth


If you remember some time ago, I wrote about the protesting, fighting and so on. What’s happening now? The people are mad, scared, frustrated. They only know what is happening now is not what they want. So as a result, look what they are doing. They make noise the only way, or any way, to get attention. As a result, they are tearing down history, defacing property and injuring and killing their own people.

We will find a way to get what we want. I only hope we do it the right way and not let someone come in and offer us a silver star that is only made of tin that turns to rust in a very short time. We the people of this United States of America had better get our act together some. I don’t think we want that silver star. It isn’t worth the tin its made of.

Think about what I have written. Do what is right, if not for you, then for this United States of America.