Around Town – September 1

Orchids to …

• Andrew at the Nike outlet store for understanding my situation and for going above and beyond in customer service.

• my family friends, the Moose and Eagles, for making my 82nd birthday so special.

• Annie, Stewart and everyone at Ray’s Automotive for taking such good care of me and my car for almost 12 years, from Pat.

• Ben, Byron, Linda and Crystal at Kroger for making me feel wanted because it’s something that I need right now, from Pat.

• the entire Exhibit Columbus Team for working so many long days to get us to the opening weekend because it’s an honor to work with all of you, from Richard.

• Supporters in North Vernon who restored their theater from a collapsed shell for around $2 million.

• the mowers along Tipton Lakes trails for being courteous to walkers.

• the Rev. Don Hacker for an awakening sermon Wednesday night at Sixth Street General Baptist Church.

• Sixth Street General Baptist Church for an awesome, awakening sermon on Wednesday.

• the office staff of Columbus Family Medicine and Koopman Family Medicine for your support of the Columbus East girls soccer program.

• Vick at Thompson’s Furniture for showing so much kindness and for going above and beyond with the furniture delivery to the facility for the Harpers.

• Grant at Voelz Body Shop for always treating me kindly, coming to my rescue and being fair and honest, from Paula.

• Max and Barbara McGuire for the beautiful music at the garage, from Billy C.

• the United Way volunteers for their work at the home of a 93-year old resident.

Onions to …

• those who come across as rude while working in customer-service positions.

• drivers who continually disregard crossing guards near Parkside Elementary School.

• those who are responsible for trail maintenance around Oakbrook Park but who are not keeping up with trimming.

• restaurants where it takes 45 minutes to order and get food.

• whoever threw the broken cement steps in my backyard next to my fence.

• the organization that mails employees envelopes and asks them for a donation from a portion of their paychecks.

• the group member who, with one momentary act of stupidity, chased off two potential members.

• people who own rental properties that are priced much too high.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cassandra Smith, from your family, Debbie and Donna.

• Jorge Morales, from your family and Donna.

• Ken Wilson, from your family and Donna.

• Edith Marthin, from your family, Linda, Sheryl and Donna.

• Andy Long.

• Lindsay Wilson.

• Stephanie Glick Lee.

• Conner Holcomb.

• Shane Ellison.

• Gordon Thayer.

• Chase Harker.

• Jack Allman, from everyone in the Allman, Johnson and Maschino families.

• Kane Smith on No. 19, from Mamaw and Papaw.

• Dani Drysdale, from Greg, Xavier, Kambry, Dad, Mom and all your family.

• Betty Dodd, from Brenda and Rosa.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Angela Mathis, from your mother and father.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Veston and Connie Roberts, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Bobby and Brenda Mullins.

• Bridget and Scot Blackwell, from mom and dad.