BCSC teacher bonus formula set

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. has approved the formula for cash stipends that will be shared among teachers based on their evaluations.

The school board has decided that the bonus for teachers who are rated highly effective will be 25 percent higher than teachers deemed to be effective. BCSC will submit its policy to the Indiana Department of Education by Sept. 15.

Last winter, teachers deemed highly effective received just $1 more than peers rated as effective, BCSC Superintendent Jim Roberts said.

The teacher-bonus pool is being distributed more equitably due to formula changes approved by state lawmakers, Roberts said. Changes involving the $30-per student stipends would take effect later this year or in early 2018, he said.

Roberts also said the BCSC plan submitted to the state will give the administration flexibility in future contract talks with the Columbus Educators Association.

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Matt Kent is a reporter for The Republic. He can be reached at 812-379-5712 or mkent@therepublic.com