Letter: Stop investigating Trump, focus on important issues

From: Don Strietelmeier


I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough of all the investigations of President Donald Trump, his personal life, his election, his hiring and firing, his family and whatever else they can think of to investigate in order to undermine his presidency.

There have been efforts to find dirt on the Trumps ever since he announced that he would be a candidate for president.

Still today, there are some who cannot accept his election. They oppose him because he is a threat to their movement. The “progressive” agenda of transforming America into socialistic reforms, more government control, limits on individual liberty and a willingness to surrender America’s sovereignty.

A special counsel has been appointed to investigate the president when normally this is done when there is evidence of a crime. No evidence has been shown to exist, but with all the allegations — no proof — along with pressure from political opponents, this additional investigation is underway.

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has hired at least 16 investigative lawyers — mostly fraud and constitutional experts — to try and find some reason to bring charges against the president.

The Justice Department should require the special counsel to provide a monthly report on its costs to taxpayers. Would it not be wiser to use this money to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey?

At a time when there are real issues to deal with such as North Korea, Isis, the budget, tax reform, the hurricane and flood disaster, we waste time and dollars on yet another investigation based on allegations, not evidence.

But this is what the “left” and the “progressives” do so effectively — cause racial divisions, organize protests, destroy historical monuments, challenge law enforcement and demand justice and equality but only under their terms.

President Trump is showing his intent to keep the promises he ran on and was elected by the voters on this promise. I consider him to be sincere in his efforts to do what is best for America’s security, economy, public safety, securing our borders, government spending and preserving this constitutional republic.

Some criticize his leadership style. His leadership style includes accepting no paid salary and donating $1 million from his personal account to help with hurricane relief and recovery. But some will find fault with this and may call for this to be investigated, too.