Around Town – September 12

Orchids to …

• Martha Catlin Millhouse and her committee for the well-organized and well-planned Azalia Grade School reunion Saturday at the Azalia Friends Church fellowship hall.

• Don Strietelmeier for his well-written letter to the editor Sunday about existing conditions on the national scene.

• the Rev. Art Shwank on his Sunday morning presentation at St. Paul Lutheran – Clifty on immigration of Lutherans from Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

• Rich Freeland and Cummins for speaking up and standing up for what is right and has made America great.

• the Koons family, for all your hard work Saturday loading the donation truck headed for Texas, from Earl.

• Don Strietelmeier for a well-thought-out letter about President Trump trying to do the right things for the American people.

• all the Columbus Young Professionals volunteers who helped make “Moonlight Movies” a success this summer; our community is lucky to have you.

• Enrique at Verizon on National Road for connecting our phones and iPad with expertise and patience, from the Sell family.

• John Vanderbur for the well-written article about President Trump.

• Justin Hohn for his excellent letter that spoke the truth about being a real American and the unfairness and illegitimacy of DACA.

Onions to …

• the front-desk worker at the local business for watching movies instead of doing her job.

• officials who place the blame for disruption in the jail on not having enough manpower to classify inmates.

• the neighbor who will not mow a straight line along the property line.

• people who don’t believe that all children deserve an ardent liberal arts education from pre-K to post secondary.

• people who regularly trash the Bartholomew County Public Library Plaza and grounds.

• parents complaining about the promoters of “Columbus” not warning you about the film’s content because it is your responsibility to educate yourself as to whether it is suitable for your child to view.

• those who don’t know whether the jail has overcrowding or 125 extra beds.

• people who don’t know that the people turning right at a stoplight have the right of way over drivers directly across from them turning left.

• those who don’t think that the foul language and smoking should have been edited from “Columbus.”

• those who don’t understand woodland stewardship and the dangers of old trees and the inhibitions of the new growth they cause.

• the inmates at the county jail for destroying property and causing $8,000 in damage.

• the former U.S. congressman who, for 31 years, was a part of the swamp that President Trump was elected to drain.

• people who think it’s acceptable to break the law as long as it falls under the guise of diversity and inclusiveness.

• those who complain about chip-and-seal, because once they get set there is no problem driving on them.

• railroad workers that left the side of the road a mess along State Road 11 below Southern Crossing.

• to the group that marched down Washington Street on Saturday night: Diversity is our strength, not a weakness.

• the driver who nearly caused an accident Saturday night at the four-way stop near the library.

• employees who do not realize that if a local income tax increase passes, any raises that you would receive will be taken away because of the tax and any family member who pays income taxes will be bringing home less as well.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kirk O’Daniel, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Angela Davis, from Charlie, Penny and Heidi.

• Evan Carlos Martinez.

• Robert Henderson.

• Davis Smith.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Dennis Anness, from all of his Bartholomew County friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• my lovely wife Tammy Cole for our happy 30th anniversary, from Joe Cole.