Around Town – September 13

Orchids to …

• Dr. Sheehan and staff for being so kind and caring to us.

• Don Strietelmeier for his excellent, well-written letter in Sunday’s paper about how certain people constantly undermine the Trump presidency.

• the boss who doesn’t mind what the front-office worker is doing in their down time as long as they have their work completed.

• Columbus Moose Lodge No. 398 for their $1,000 donation to the Clifford Volunteer Fire Department Saturday helping Hurricane Harvey victims.

• my mom, Sharon Snyder, for helping us unload and move a ton of rock.

• Bartholomew County Historical Society for a wonderful event Saturday at the Breeding Farm.

• Columbus Kroger employees for going above and beyond in helping me Sunday night.

• Steve and Cathy Hege for the great job building our deck/dock, from Ron and Marcia Albert.

• the fine gentleman who bought my groceries at Kroger Friday, from Norman Minor.

Onions to …

• people who follow the logic that breaking the law is acceptable as long as it’s done in the name of diversity and inclusion.

• people that don’t realize until chip-and-seal sets the paint job of your vehicle can be ruined and windshields cracked from flying rocks.

• people who worship the gods of diversity, tolerance and inclusion.

• those who believe the U.S. shouldn’t be multicultural because that is the reason this country exists and there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

• those in the community worshiping the gods of diversity and tolerance.

• those for the temporary telephone pole just about on the roadway on Lowell Road.

• those who would rather give jobs to illegals than American citizens.

• people who write in about this administration draining a swamp because a special counsel that’s been appointed will be doing that.

• business leaders who think it’s noble and good to give jobs to illegals and foreigners instead of investing in legal citizens of this country and their children.

• people who turn right on red when oncoming traffic with a left-turn arrow has the right of way.

• those who said we had an extra 120-bed space at the jail for use for other things but this week said the jail is overcrowded.

• those who don’t realize that if a congressman served for 31 years they probably were doing a good job or they would not have been re-elected.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brooke Chowning and Betty Tuttle, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Greg Burns, from your family, Janet and Donna.

• Gavin Mullis, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Anthony Tedder

• Josey Hardy

• Ryan Barriger

• Karen Broady

Belated Wishes to …

• Andrew Klinker, from Miss Marie.

• Tylor Rhoades, from the Morrows.

• Katherine Ritchison, from Mamaw Jan.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Tanya Hawkins, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.