Letter: Be kind to people, no matter their nationality

From: Brynn Stewart


My name is Brynn. I am 11 years old and have lived in Columbus my whole life. I have a problem that I hope people can help me with.

Recently, I was in a place where an adult said some pretty negative things about immigrants. It upset me because my dad and his family immigrated here when he was a little boy. I also have many friends who have immigrated to the United States. There were a lot of kids my age who heard this, and some of them were also immigrants.

To me, these people are not just immigrants. They are my family and friends. It would be really cool if adults would stop calling people names and saying bad things. It should not matter where you came from — if you are a good person that should be enough.

I think older people who don’t like to get along with all types of people should try to be better role models. I’m just a kid but I think it would be pretty cool if other adults would stop people from saying negative things about other people.

People need to just be kind.