Letter: AntiFa out to restrict free speech, push agenda

From: Robert Valek


I recently submitted Orchids that commended the behavior of our Columbus residents on the DACA Rally and the white supremacist march. This letter contrasts that behavior to Charlottesville, Virginia.

The march at Charlottesville, by the most abhorrent group we know, provided a golden opportunity for AntiFa to attack free speech. Roughly 4,000 AntiFa protesters arrived with concrete blocks, spiked 2 by 4s and a battering ram with full intent to cause violence. We do not know who threw the first punch. We subsequently heard Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas state, “Violent confrontations were the result of mutually engaged attacks fueled by mutually combative individuals.” President Trump was widely criticized for his similar comments.

The AntiFa “organization” first showed its masked face late in the election process by creating mini riots and other violence at rallies. More recently they have been visible at:

  • The riots and violence after the election and at the inauguration
  • The tens of thousands at the Boston Freedom of Speech rally who attacked two older peaceful people
  • The 4,000 at the Phoenix rally who attacked the police, and more

Make no mistake: AntiFa is out to restrict free speech by violence and intimidation. The above incidents, and others, get very little publicity. The one-sided outcry against President Trump’s comments, and all the media coverage on racism, have emboldened some to extend the attacks to mob rule: racist claims against statues of Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington; vandalizing of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, St. Junipero Serra; and proposals to tear down Mount Rushmore.

Here’s the latest: Police attempt to arrest suspects making drug deals, one escapes and is stopped after a high speed chase, reaches for a gun and is shot by the police. After the policeman is vindicated, the city riots for three days.

Roughly 12 percent of the NFL players stage a protest condemning the USA and disrespecting our veterans to show support for the rioters. I find the NFL highly hypocritical, having banned three previous requests to support issues by markings on helmets, shirts or shoes, and by directly overriding their own published rules for behavior during the national anthem.

According to an article in the American Thinker: “If you want to destroy a nation, you find ways to denigrate its belief in itself. Smear its Founders. Belittle its accomplishments. Pillory it for failing to live up to its ideals. Mock its sacred traditions. Deride its heroes.”

How can anyone not see all these brazen moves as a set of tactics of an agenda to overthrow the government? I can only surmise that people have either just not paid attention, or are themselves complicit.

I hope to say more in a few weeks about root causes and solutions. But for now watch for more assaults on the government and do not support actions that tear down the United States of America.