COLUMBUS, Ind. — The Bartholomew County Council has enacted its first tax increase in eight years. Beginning in January, all wage earners in Bartholomew County will experience a 40 percent increase in the county’s portion of local income tax taken out of wages.

As an example of the financial impact, individuals making $50,000 a year will see their local income tax go up by $4.80 a week or $250 a year, county auditor Barb Hackman said  Advocates and opponents to the proposal to raise the rate from 1.25 percent of a worker’s gross pay to 1.75 percent didn’t change from the initial first-reading vote on Sept. 12.

Council members who voted in favor of the increase were Laura DeDomenic, Jorge Morales, Mark Gorbett and Chris Ogle. The three who cast their votes against raising the tax were Bill Lentz, Evelyn Pence and Matt Miller.

A general fund budget of $22.68 million for next year was also approved Tuesday. One year ago, the council approved a $20.8 million dollar budget for 2017.

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