Letter: Observations on topics of the day from a liberal

From: Kermet Merl Key


After reading the editorial pages of the Republic the past two weeks, I’d like to say the following:

As a liberal, I don’t blame guns for mass shootings anymore than I blame forks for obesity, but I do blame parents that give an unlimited number of forks to toddlers in a room full of electrical outlets. Perhaps some of us do need a nanny.

If kneeling doesn’t solve anything then are we just left with thoughts? I think this comment may be pointless, but then it’s just a thought.

For less than $5 a week, or 68 cents a day, you can help save a county in need.

AntiFa stands for Anti-Fascism.

Whether or not Tillerson called Trump a moron, I think we can agree that we’ve all thought it.