Marriage licenses – October 21

Terry Allen Hickmott, 38, Connersville, and Jennifer Rae Newman, 30, Coovert Street.

David Neal Pate, 54, Flat Rock, and Cynthia Marie Humbel, 53, Greensburg.

Eric Matthew Otte, 35, West County Road 950S, and Melissa Renee Lucas, 27, West Deaver Road.

Ella Michelle Wildemann, 24, Washington Street, and James David Morris, 25, Washington Street.

Timothy Ray Kedrowitz, 51, Fairview Drive, and Amy Lou Peacock, 45, Fairview Drive.

Shaena Kristine Robertson, 45, Sunset Court, and Mark Andrew Thornton, 51, Sunset Court.

Dean Andrew Wyrick, 49, Carya Square, and Tammy Michelle Janes, 49, Carya Square.

Matthew Lawrence Polcher, 22, North Marr Road, and Kaitlynne Anne Fisher, 22, Prairie Stream Way.

Braeden Nathaniel Brown, 24, Lafayette Avenue, and Emma Louise Lawson, 23, Lafayette Avenue.

Ronald H. Temple, 76, Raintree Drive South, and Maria Willa Blake, 69, Indianapolis.

Yashira Marie Colon Machado, 30, Country Brook Street, and Christian Ortiz Gonzalez, 30, Country Brook Street.

Madison Monroe, 21, North Hickory Hills Drive, and Glen Robert Alden, 21, North Hickory Hills Drive.

Brittany Diana Redicker, 27, Streamside Drive, and Kevin Michael Almarales, 31, Streamside Drive.

Micaela Grace McDowall, 19, Lupine Court, and Juan Manuel Sandoval-Narvaez, 20, Briar Ridge Way.

Bronson Dewayne Mullins, 27, Scottsburg, anazd Sarah Elizabeth Miske, 24, 27th Street.

Melanie Renae Wisler, 34, North Vernon, and William Douglas Sanders Jr., 42, Middle View Drive.

Matthew Daniel Carmichael, 24, Applegate Drive, and Susannah Rebecca Borisuk, 24, Nashville.

Macy Renae Wehmeier, 24, Huffman Drive, and Kaleb Michael Thompson, 27, East County Road 50N.

William Patrick Muncy, 27, South Brooks Street, and Jessica Meredith Stevens, 27, Bloomington.

Derek Ray Eggers, 25, Countryside Lane, and Shelby Ann Holland, 23, Countryside Lane.

Kody James Letterle, 26, Columbus, and Ashley Nicole Settle, 25, North Dellasburg Road.

Michael Thomas Bucko, 36, Saylor Drive, and Kristie Lynn Bryan, 30, Saylor Drive.

Carly Ann Baynes, 28, Newsom Avenue, and Alexander Coleman Turner, 27, Newsom Avenue.

Steven Ray Singer, 55, Continental Drive, and Jocel Arenda, 21, Continental Drive.

Levi A. Hiatt, 23, Iowa Street, and Allison Renee Osborne, 23, Sheridan.

Jairo J. Espinoza Cruz, 24, Diane East Drive, and Rosaly Gardea Lechuga, 27, Diane East Drive.

Nicholas A. Doran, 34, Bayberry Drive, and Kristina L. Perkinson, 35, South County Road 300E.

Jennifer Lynn Kello, 29, Braeburn Drive, and Kevin Clay Lykins, 34, Lexington, Kentucky.

Melissa Lynne Crider, 22, East County Road 100N, and Adam Paul Joslin, 25, Elizabethtown.

Ashley Lynn Wade, 32, Lafayette Avenue, and Benjamin Paul Hunter, 39, Lafayette Avenue.

Brandon Lee Lockridge, 33, North County Road 500E, and Tahcia Annette Rudder, 40, North County Road 500E.

Thomas Jay Westerfield, 53, East Highland Court, and Amanda Dawn Allen, 41, East Highland Court.

Dale Edward Alexander IV, 23, Apache Court, and Paige Elizabeth Shelton, 21, Apache Court.

Chacelyn Joelle Thayer, 23, Hope, and Kenneth Wayne Sessions, 27, Hope.

Jacob William Bosch, 28, Park View Drive, and Lauren Ann Blair, 30, Parkview Drive.

Michael David Park, 26, Continental Drive, and Elizabeth Grace Leech, 20, Continental Drive.

Cortland Alexander Etgen, 24, Carmel, and Shelby Elizabeth George, 24, Hope.

Eric James Kopczynski, 30, Riverstone Way, and Kelley Lyn Miller, 29, Riverstone Way.

Bridjet Linn Richards, 23, Ruddick Avenue, and Joshua Anthony Buchanan, 27, Ruddick Avenue.

Brian Jasen Stewart, 35, Chestnut Street, and Norma Jean Holley, 33, Maize Drive.

Jessica Deanne Simpson, 23, South Jonesville Road, Conner Evan Yentz, 23, South Jonesville Road.

Gilberto Geron Lara, 34, Tyler Drive, and Claudia Angelica Morales Secundino, 33, Tyler Drive.

Danielle Skaggs, 23, Phoenix Court, and Dillon Coriaty, 25, Greensburg.

T’kieya Iesha Weaver, 26, Lafayette Avenue, and Jermaine Dominic Ford, 31, Lafayette Avenue.

Ramona Sueann Filson, 25, Orchard Creek Drive, and Christopher Rudolph Holmes, 36, Orchard Creek Drive.

Justin Lee Elmore, 33, Wallace Avenue, and Olivia Ann Bailey, 20, Wallace Avenue.

Isaias Cruz Angulo, 32, South National Road, and Cristina Rodriguez Acosta, 30, South National Road.

Heather Michelle Leavy, 27, East 25th Street, and Alexandria Nicole Wright, 28, Indianapolis.

Elizabeth Marie Jones, 41, Jackson Street, and Derek Jacob McNeely, 37, California Street.

Tara Gerber, 38, Indianapolis, and Michael Engel, 35, Middle View Drive.

Lynsey Nicole Friend, 20, Sims Court, and Cory Allen Krug, 19, Sims Court.

Kayla Copley, 22, Butlerville, and Charles Dodson, 27, Lake Stream Drive.

Dylan Robert Spratley, 26, Hope, and Sarah Violet White, 23, South Pisgah Way.

Jami West, 44, Keller Avenue, and Christopher Riddle, 38, Franklin Street.

Marcus Wyain Pierce, 19, Silkwood Court, and Michelle Lee Carr Roberts, 24, Silkwood Court.

Lauren Michelle Hudson, 26, East Hillcrest Road, and Drew Allen Schooler, 32, Briar Hill Way.

Kenneth J. Gross, 50, Elizabethtown, and Stephanie R. Lee, 48, River Road.

Samuel Ryan Wagner, 40, East Coffey Drive, and Susan Hubbard Goins, 42, East Coffey Drive.

Alexander Lee Fields, 22, Greensburg, and Courtney Suzanne Hobbs, 23, Brookside Court North.

Ashley Nicole Guidry, 24, North Gladstone Avenue, and Andrew David Prather, 29, 25th Street.

Shweta Hardas, 27, North Marr Road, and Apurv Upasani, 28, Bellevue, Washington.

Tara R. Leonard, 40, East County Road 265N, and Shawn L. Gilpin, 29, West Deaver Road.

Kyleigh Michelle Arnold, 27, California Street, and Jeffrey Duane Green, 27, California Street.

Shasta Jean Perry, 27, Edinburgh, and Kevin Lee Smith, 42, North Hughes Street.

Tammy Ray Brown, 45, 14th Street, and Franklin E. Anthis, 49, Bloomington.

Ian Everett Pool, 22, Morgantown, and Whitley Beth Montgomery, 21, Conestoga Trail.

Kimberly Jane Sutton, 51, Fox Pointe Court, and James Darin Maze, 51, Thompson Road.

Jon Michael Hiday, 19, West Old Nashville Road, and Shantel Nicole Bragg, 19, West Old Nashville Road.

Danielle Marie Gentry, 24, Timbercrest Drive, and Christopher Jon Kelsey, 24, Fairlawn Drive.

Stephanie Nichole Christian, 35, North Beatty Street, and Seth Robert Ford, 40, North Beatty Street.

Emily Elaine Garris, 25, Elizabethtown, and Anthony Ryan Justin Diaz, 22, Lincoln Village.

Angel Diane Fields, 27, Hope, and Samantha Jo Gosney, 30, Hope.

Eric Mark Chodan, 24, Luse Drive, and Ashlee Nichole Murray, 24, Jonesville.

Kevin Jacob Wester, 25, Orchard Creek Drive, and Leslie Nicole Campbell, 29, Orchard Creek Drive.

James Dale McKinley, 38, Franklin Street, and Alisha Marie Ploeger, 30, Franklin Street.

Joshua Andrew Richey, 22, South County Road 600E, and Kira Deana Kedrowitz, 23, South County Road 600E.

Gregory Shane Thomas, 32, Lucas Way, and Jessica Alana Stewart, 30, Plainfield.

Jordan Frances Newton, 27, North Riverside Drive, and Robert Perry Doggette, 30, Madison, Mississippi.

Larissa Dawn Bowman, 23, Lakecrest Drive, and Christopher Michael Hahn, 29, Lakecrest Drive.

Lance Charles Faivor, 28, Newton Street, and Briana Rene Ruth, 26, Newton Street.

Susan Schindel, 65, Beech Drive, and Gerald Wayne Box, 65, Beech Drive.

Jessica Lorena Richardson, 24, Schaumburg, Illinois, and Christopher Alan Frankel, 25, Palantine, Illinois.

Kayla Celeste Coombs, 24, Hope, and Wesley Joseph Whittington, 23, Hope.

Keith A. McNealy, 48, North County Road 200W, and Nick E. Hunnicutt, 49, North County Road 200W.

Calvin Joseph Hunt, 54, North Mapleton Street, and Kimmer Diane Brooks, 52, South Lincoln Village Drive.

Devan James Sparks, 25, South Jonesville Road, and Alicia Dawn Warner, 23, Greensburg.

Bradley Tyler Smith, 29, South Jonesville Road, and Hannah Janes, 25, South Jonesville Road.

Joseph D. Edelen, 53, 14th Street, and Toni Lanette Lyle, 44, 14th Street.

Anthony Michael Lee, 44, Countryside Lane, and Jennifer Jo Stevens, 46, Countryside Lane.