Court news – October 21

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

JC Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Village vs. Justin and Jennifer Gonsior, Candlelight Drive, $677, $938 and eviction; Bryce Essex, Rosewood Lane, and Jessica Lambert, Indiana Avenue, $673.06, $412 and eviction; and Stephen and Renea Rice, Rosewod Lane, $826 and eviction.

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Camron Crawley, Appleway Drive, $601.93; Steven Carmen, California Street, $828.31; Aaron Dingman, Hope, $726.20; William Money, West Georgetown Road, $645.21; Melissa Henry, State Street, $670.40; and Robert Swengel, 19th Street, $730.82.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Steven Patrick Harrison, Hawpatch Drive, $846 and eviction.

Frank Ruf, Elizabethtown, vs. Kimberly and Jay Rios, Miami Drive, $1,900 and eviction.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Roberta Wentworth, Hope, $875.93.

Russell Rental Properties vs. Tara McCollum, Wallace Avenue, $875 and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie vs. Carolyn R. Brindle, Chattanooga, Tennessee, $1,764.88; Joshua Caleb Pitney, Orchard Valley Drive, $859.45; Latona Danielle Bryant, Westport, $3,308.41; and Shelly R. Smith, South Jonesville Road, $602.01.

Arbors at Water’s Edge Apartments vs. Robert Jones, North County Road 150W, $977.65 and eviction.

Bank of America vs. Dawn M. Isaacs, Edinburgh, $3,768.95.

Citibank vs. Julie Winars, Appleway Drive, $3,638.60.

Ramon Zavala vs. Sergio Jacobo Contreras, Greenwood, $900.

Eagle Accounts Group vs. Robyn Agnew, South County Road 900E, $1,964.56; David and Nancy Smith, Hope, $1,964.29; Jennifer Hadley, Hope, $444.56; and Alison Shrader, North Dellasburg Road, $311.70.

John A. Spurling, Washington Street, vs. Kimberly Gatten, doing business as Westside Pool & Spa, West Goeller Road, $976.59.

Allied Collection Service vs. Charles J. Burton, Lilac Court, $3,640.51; Drew Burklow, Indianapolis, $1,979.67; Natasha R. Brockhaus, West Carr Hill Road, $4,753.65; Amber N. Whittington, Hege Avenue, $1,443.59; Carrie L. Swengel, Seymour, $1,674.54; Jermaine S. Artis, Rosewood Lane, $1,159.37; Sherry Tedesco, Jeffersonville, $2,392.93; Bobby E. Starr, Joseph Cox Court, $1,125; Tina Skaggs, Taylorsville, $2,825.10; Casey R. Smith, Joseph Cox Court, $1,763.34; and Sheryl Arthur, East County Road 300S, $1,771.01.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Morgan and Derek Rothrock, Villatge Drive, $1,407 and eviction.

Kay-Jay Properties, Woodland Parkway, vs. Vickie Hooten, State Street, $2,270 and eviction.

Thelma Johnson, Forsythia Drive, vs. Timothy Lawson and Suzanne Tice, Central Avenue, $525 and eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Terry Burgan, Hawcreek Avenue, $2,012.34; Billy D. Cornett, Medora, $2,428.04; Eryc B. Hash, Williamsburg Court, $1,641.12; Joshua E. Burton, Pennsylvania Street, $2,236.88; Richard L. Campbell, Center Street, $2,787.26; Brice A. Monroe, Patterson Road, $2,852.50; Patricia Christian, Grand Avenue, $2,047; Melissa Sallard, East County Road 265N, $1,069.83; Jerra F. Burton, Jones Street, $2,554.21; Brandon M. Myers, Kentucky Avenue, $1,612.45; Paul Fields, South County Road 130W, $1,898.13; Krista K. Hagerty, West Highland Lane, $1,491.86; William S. Kaiser, Grand Avenue, $1,983.44; Amber S. Roberts, East County Road 850S, $1,883.02; and Kenya Roberts, Nashville, $4,798.05.

Lakshmi Madhavan and Trenton Miller, Riverstone Way, vs. Roger and Cindy Follett, Franklin Street, $500.

Kay-Jay Properties LLC vs. Joshua James Cowan and Diana Marie Rousey, Hege Avenue, $832.50 and eviction.

Elkland Hills Estate vs. Parker Harsh, East County Road 265N, $2,720 and eviction.

Jefferson Capital Systems vs. George E. Chapman, State Road 46W, $1,718.24; Tiffany M. Thomas, Grammer, $545.79; Patricia M. Warner, Spring Valley Drive, $1,228.25; and Betty L. Skaggs, River Road, $1,024.27.

Gary and Brenda Powers, West South Line Drive, vs. Jeremiah Johnson, Shelbyville, $1,775.

Jefferson Capital Systems vs. Randall Pierson, Lafayette Avenue, $685.72; Holly I. Newsom, South County Road 400W, $595.77; Otis W. Wiley, State Road 7E, $1,111.90; Rick A. Phillips, Fourth Street, $618.45; Misty Westbrook, Dawnshire Drive, $637.91; Jeannette Gentry, Nicholas Lane, $514.51; Kathy Griffin, McCullough Lane, $1,824.76; Christoph L. Jones, Della Road, $608.31; Karen S. Stillabower, $806.85; Cami Bass, Mill Court, $811.73; Linda L. Bierlein, Newton Street, $541.15; Amanda G. Akers, Keller Avenue, $1,001.64; Crystal Franke, California Street, $1,128.17; Robin Christi McCall, Mill Run, $936.86; and William Kaiser, Grand Avenue, $916.99.

Professional Financial Services of Indiana vs. Chad M. Hayes, Grove Parkway, $5,030.21.

Larry D. Burton, Edinburgh, vs. Karla G. Pendorf, Columbus, $5,000.