State trooper credited with helping woman choking at donut restaurant

EVANSVILLE – An Indiana State Trooper is being credited with helping a woman who was choking at a restaurant this morning.

Master Trooper Mike Lehmkuhler and Trooper Korey Mauck were enjoying a cup of coffee at Donut Bank on Diamond Avenue in Evansville at 9:30 a.m. Friday when they heard an elderly woman coughing at the table next to them.

They overhead the woman’s daughter ask her mom if she was alright. Lehmkuhler approached the woman and asked her if she was choking and she nodded yes.

While the woman was still sitting down, Lehmkuhler performed the Heimlich maneuver and immediately cleared her airway.  He received a hug from the woman’s daughter and was thanked for saving her mom’s life.

Lehmkuhler is a 17 year veteran with the Indiana State Police and has been an active SWAT team member for the last 11 years.