Court news – October 28

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

LVNV Vunding vs. Kathleen Haza, Clairmont Drive, $960.71.

Lindsay Renee Johnson-Heck, West Baker Hollow Road, $1,400.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Jorge Ramos, U.S. 31N, $700 and eviction.

Travis Mouser and Alisia Villareal, Hope Avenue, vs. Heather Nauert, Eighth Street, $2,300 and eviction; Amber Blanquiz, Chestnut Street, $1,700 and eviction; and Jarrod Parton, Reed Street, $1,000 and eviction.

Christie and Fran Harrison, Trafalgar, vs. Chanelle M. Sizemore, Sycamore Street, $6,000 and eviction.

American Rental, Eastbrook Plaza, vs. Kathy Wicker, Bonesteel Drive, $1,500; Deonta Dismuke and Kai-Lee Scheibl, Smith Street, $1,500; Jacqueline Burton, Central Avenue, $1,500; and Bailey Branstetter, Franklin, $1,500.

Evergreen Apartments LLC vs. Jeffrey Coyle, Sims Court, $1,580.96 and eviction.

Mark Stevens, Franklin, vs. Charlee Rich, 20th Street, $212 and eviction.

Jefferson Capital Systems vs. Brad Allen Hamner, Kevin Drive, $1,836.07.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Robert Turner, Chattanooga, Tennessee, $639.29; and Joseph Brashears, Lucas Way, $884.43.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park vs. Daniel L. Law, Harrison Drive, $1,121 and eviction; Victoria Willegas, Harrison Drive, $1,206 and eviction; and Christopher and Allykan Wheeler, Henry Drive, $850 and eviction.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Robert Brooks, Kellie Drive, damages and eviction; Scot Boyer and Kendra Cooley, Robert Drive, damages and eviction; Koty Whitis and Cheyenne Suttles, Robert Drive, damages and eviction.

DW3 Aaron’s, North National Road, vs. Pamela Brown, Hege Avenue, $1,500; Cameron Ayers, Edinburgh, $1,500; Jasmine Simmons, June Drive, $1,500; Jonia Medina, Elizabethtown, $1,500; Shane Burton, Edinburgh, $1,500; and Chanceton Daniels, South County Road 200W, $1,500.

Mary and Ronald Hooker, North Riverside Drive, vs. Richie Dyer, Cottage Avenue, $400 and eviction.

Lincoln Village Cooperative Inc. vs. Robert L. Roop Sr., North Lincoln Village Drive, $988 and eviction.

Robert Lacefield, Dawnshire Drive, vs. Penny Estes and Frances Caldwell, Sycamore Street, damages and eviction.

Grayson Management, 25th Street, vs. Paul and Maranda Sterling, 12th Street, $1,010 and eviction.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Frank and Linda Balzano, Maple Street, $2,222 and eviction.

Jim and Mary Hartmann, 25th Street, vs. Bobby Eisenmenger and Brandi Lacefield, Werner Avenue, $715 and eviction.

Westwood Pines vs. Joseph Martin, Pine Ridge Drive, $965 and eviction.

Tony Narsinghani, Lapwing Drive, vs. Mond Kelly, Central Avenue, complaint for eviction.

Gordon Ricketts vs. Audra and Shawna Ritchie, Lafayette Avenue, $2,876.90 and eviction.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Jason Camp, Hope, $135.58; Stephen Waycott, Hope, $97.66; Dustin Thomas, Clifford, $107.01; Tara Miller, Hope, $142.60; Derek Mack, Knollwood Drive, $398.13; Michael Brown, Hope, $214.11; Charles Austerman, Hope, $128.30.

Beverly and Standly Calhoun, Edinburgh, vs. George Spires, Morgantown, $1,500 and eviction.

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Gina M. Blair, North Dellasburg Road, $832.52.

Arbors at Waters Edge Apartments, vs. Kylei Thompson , North County Road 150W, $246.64 and eviction; Shianna Watkins and Austin Martin, North County Road 150W, $967.29 and eviction.

Evergreen Apartments, doing business as Bloomfield Apartments, vs. Roosevelt Holliday, Sims Court, $1,245 and eviction; Crystal Manning, Sims Court, $1,366 and eviction; Kenny Porter, Marr Road, $1,335 and eviction; Sarah Holwager, Sims Court, $1,635 and eviction; and Naomi Harris, Sims Court, $1,725 and eviction.

Capital One Bank, vs. Brittany A. Bahn, Nicholas Lane, $1,504.77; and Richard L. Smith, Shadow Creek Boulevard, $1,690.50.

John Knecht, Greensburg, vs. Travis Starnes, Sycamore Drive, $1,310.

Columbus Housing Authority vs. Trey Gross, Ninth Street, complaint for eviction.

Allied Collection Service Inc., vs. Beverly A. Adkins, Waldron, $5,155.92; Owen T. Anderson, Henry Lakes Boulevard, $2,254.33; David Ashby, North Hickory Hills Drive, $3,786.88; Eric M. Heyob, Taylorsville, $3,011.56; Stephanie N. King, East County Road 50N, $1,259.70; Robert M. McVay, Rosedale Drive, $1,408.07; Rhonda Imlay, West County Road 300S, $1,419.87; Connie Starr, Joseph Cox Court, $3,181.58; Gary Janes, 12th Street, $2,160; Julie A. Jeffries, Lykins Square, $2,412.15; Matthew Lacy, Jasper, $2,870.46; and Melissa A. Kaiser, Grand Avenue, $3,683.05.

Allied Collection Service vs. Donna S. Felix, Madison, $3,694.58; Shonna R. Lane, 14th Street, $3,225.22; Loretta L. Lucas, Woodlane Drive, $1,930.04; Roland J. Mikesell, Madison, $1,582.96; Ross Marks, North Tudor Court, $5,504.11; Wannetta J. Torres, Madison, $2,379,58; James E. Burgan, Hawcreek Avenue, $1,268.73; Steven A. Girdler, Hope, $1,365.67; Charles S. Harden, 15th Street, $4,212.59; Michael S. Helton, Edinburgh, $1,996.90; and Eric R. Hester, Coovert Street, $3,210.82.

Duane Mottier, Melbourne Drive, vs. Wanda Fisher, Franklin Street, complaint for eviction.