Around Town – October 31

Orchids to …

• Becky Church and the city of Columbus for all the gorgeous downtown floral displays that enrich us all.

• Paige and David Langenderfer, for being some of the best neighbors and friends we’ve ever had, from Tyson and Becky Hall.

• those who sent cards or a note or made a phone call to me on my birthday on Sunday, from John Tinkey.

• the Simmermakers for their help over the years and their assistance Sunday getting me home from a church function, from a disabled person.

Onions to …

• local churches that waste time and money on trunk-or-treat Halloween activities and label them as outreach opportunities.

• those who assume the U.S. is only a Christian nation when there are five major religions that have status in the U.S.: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and New Age.

• those who don’t realize that white supremacists are not welcomed because they don’t share racial-relation beliefs and are against the law.

• politicians who don’t learn from past history to know that trickle-down economics don’t work.

• the parent who wants to stop school prayer but takes off work for every single religious holiday, regardless of religion.

• those who want to preserve Confederate statues celebrating a group that killed 360,000 soldiers.

• staff members who were rude to someone they were helping Saturday.

• the parents at the courthouse who allow small children to run free.

• drivers who don’t know how to drive on a roundabout, creating a traffic hazard.

• parents who think a certain restaurant is a day care center.

• the organization that asked a school to stop having prayer and to those who complained about having prayers in schools at athletic events or anywhere, because it’s freedom of speech.

• Democrats, who should leave the president alone and go after those who cheated.

• anyone who took Benghazi more seriously than Russian collusion, because one incident has actually led to arrests.

Happy Birthday to …

• April Bryant.

• Lisa Earnhart, from your family, Bonnie, Pat and Donna.

• Emily Baden, from Friends at Moravian Church.

• John McFarland.

• Rob Justus.

• Tim Reinbold, with love from Martha, Bradlee, Luke and Mas.

• Carolyn Emilay from Kerri, Don and Jayd and from her husband, Buck.