Letter: We can’t afford to not share Bible with children

From: Sandra Hoover


In God we trust?

In America I believe we have slowly allowed this principle our forefathers founded our great country on to slowly rust. We have become so tolerant we have allowed a small minority to take away our rights, such as separation of church and state, which Thomas Jefferson was concerned at the time of the state being involved in matters of church not the other way around; the removal of prayer in our schools; or the most widely read book in the world (the Bible) to be studied as literature in our schools.

I never would have thought that our small school, Hauser, would be at such a controversy as reported in The Republic from the Freedom From Religion organization. But as most of the community of Hope attends one church or another in our area, at times I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Satan is at work to change things.

I’m a member of The Chapel of the Good Shepherd and thankful to be in the family of God. We believe the Bible to be the true words of God that were given to help us. It gives guidelines on how to live a better life and help when trials and temptations threaten us. Our children are our future and heritage, so of course we want to give them all the tools they need to help them in life. A few verses from the Bible and a gift certificate to our graduates is a good thing and by no means harmful, except to maybe Satan.

The Bible urges us all to be missionaries to those around us, not in a pushy unkind way but with love as our father in heaven and his son Jesus have demonstrated. We are to help in any way we can to plant the seeds of God so more people can have a better life and an eternal life. Can we afford not to give these seeds to our children, our future of America? I say, “No we can’t.” I urge all Christians: Let your voices be heard.