Around Town – November 8

Orchids to …

• Greg for working in the pouring rain to clear out the drain on our cul de sac Sunday night.

• the Rev. Daniel Stetler for his awesome evangelism.

• Kathleen Smith for her letter to the editor exposing a critical failure in the public education of today’s youth, from Don Strietelmeier.

• Dr. Rachel Proffitt at Hope Veterinary clinic and all their staff for helping our precious Molly cross the rainbow bridge, from Susie Prather.

• Mike and Terri Metz for hosting our “Thanksmas” gathering, from all the family.

• all the neighbors who showed up for the meeting Monday night at 17th and Home.

Onions to …

• the government that better represents the tax avoider than the tax payer.

• those who don’t call for a ban on cars and trucks, as they are used by terrorists and others to kill multiple people at a time.

• those who have no clue as to what K-12 public schools do in social studies education but can easily find out by examining state standards and requirements — or better yet, by volunteering or substituting in the classroom.

• those who don’t pay attention and thought that there was a local election Tuesday.

• those who do not realize that we need legislation when prayer fails for gun control.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lois Olmstead, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Dick Gaynor on No. 75, from Noreen and family.

• John Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Missy Knudsen.

• Sadie Bear Freeman.

• Sara Carter.

• Amanda Dreyer.

• Braden Sauer.

• Cori Thayer.

• Deb “Debbie” Gassaway, with love from your family.

• Belated happy birthday to …

• Denver Huff, on Nov. 7, from the kids.