Letter: Money wasted on bridge’s cosmetics

From: Mike Lovelace


I drove over the remodeled State Street Bridge the other day. It amazes me that the city can throw so much money away on cosmetics when there are other much-needed improvements for city streets.

Nothing was gained on the bridge redo. Before this redo there were four lanes of traffic and sidewalks on both sides. End of the project there are four lanes of traffic and sidewalks on both sides, plus some decorative enhancements. Street lights were needed and added on each side of the bridge.

The sidewalks leading up to the bridge are nice, but I’m not sure of the reason for so many of those decorative street lights. If the intent is to improve the east Columbus, sidewalks are needed on Center Street, Mapleton Street and Cherry Street, at the least. I’m sure street lights and sidewalks are needed or need to be improved in other areas of east Columbus as well.

I am all for improving city streets before state highways.